Yep, It’s Looking Like an iPad Christmas

If you’re in the market for an iPad, there are deals to be had.

Can’t Wait for That New iPad Mini? Try an Apple Store.

What better holiday ambassador for the Apple Store than the Retina iPad mini you can’t find anywhere else?

Photos From the Xbox One’s Midnight Launch in Palo Alto (Slideshow)

Photos from the midnight launch of the Xbox One in Palo Alto.
xbox one feature 2

Title-Inflation Police

You do not deserve the title of genius! You can’t just throw that term around.

— “Saturday Night Live”’s Jay Pharoah, in character as Kanye West, to Lady Gaga playing Karen, the Apple Store Genius Bar tech-support employee

Apple to Offer In-Store Repairs for iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c

Apple is preparing to extend to its new iPhones the same in-store repair program it rolled out for the iPhone 5 this past summer.

News Byte

Apple Resumes Personal Pickup for iPhone 5s

After halting it without explanation last week, Apple is once again offering a Personal Pickup option for aspiring buyers of its iPhone 5s. The service, which allows customers to purchase the device online and pick it up at a local Apple Store, was available for just a day before Apple withdrew it, unable to keep up with demand. Its return suggests that iPhone 5s availability is improving, albeit slowly.

Police in New York Really Want You to Download iOS 7

New York’s finest like the iPhone’s Activation Lock feature.

Japan Is Getting a New Apple Store

First new Tokyo store since 2005.

There’s an Appellate Court for That

Employees … are required to wait in line and be searched for … merchandise taken without permission and/or other contraband. […] A large number of Specialists and Managers leave for lunch at the same time and/or end their shift at the same time. This creates lengthy lines and backups.

— From a complaint filed in San Francisco federal court by two former Apple Store employees on behalf of thousands of others, seeking unspecified damages for unpaid time spent waiting in line each shift to have their bags searched by managers

Apple Wants to Sell More iPhones Through Its Own Stores — But Can It?

Tim Cook wants to see the phone bringing in more foot traffic, but one problem is Apple’s relatively small retail footprint.

Apple Retail VP Jerry McDougal Resigns