An iPad That’s Mini in Screen Size Only

Apple’s new iPad mini has the same screen resolution and chip for faster processing as the iPad Air.
iPad Mini

Two Ways to Hit “Print” on a Mobile Device

Presto and ThinPrint Cloud Printer make on-the-go print jobs from smartphones and tablets as easy as printing from a PC.

At Work With Microsoft Office on an iPhone

Office Mobile is a solid app that does a good job of making you forget you’re working on a small screen, but it comes with many limitations, says Katie.
Microsoft Office for iOS

KatieCam: What’s On Nuance CEO Paul Ricci’s Bookshelf (Video)

Because Siri won’t read “War and Peace” to you.

Breathe, Relax, Repeat: Devices for Inner Peace

Katherine Boehret looks at two sensors that aim to help users get to a calmer zone.

At 10, You Still Have Some Tricks, iTunes

For users puzzled over the finer points of iTunes, Katie offers some ways to improve how you use the digital-download source.

Hassle-Free Photo Books in One Couch Sitting

KeepShot App simplifies creating physical albums with an iPad on your lap, even in a cramped plane seat.

Online Entertainment That’s for the Taking

Deals on books, movies, music and more are available on most days, you just need to know where to look.

An Email Inbox That Knows Who’s Important

Katie reviews Cloze, a free Apple iOS app that studies your emails and social-network interactions, then sorts messages according to people it thinks matter most to you.

A Fresh New Office Finds a Place in the Cloud

Microsoft’s newest version of Office is a radical change from previous versions. It’s more closely tied to the cloud and has a surprising new price model.

What You Don’t Know About Sharing Photos

Fresh Design Brightens Evernote 5

With New Sizes and Features, iPods Grow Up

Not Ready for iPhone 5? Upgrade Offers Some New Tricks.

Presentations in Poetic Motion

What You Might Not Know About Your iPhone and iPad

Apple Unleashes Its New Mountain Lion System

Podcast Hunter Tracks Down the Web’s Best

A Laptop Screen That Promises an Eyeful

In Tablets, Bigger Isn’t Necessarily Better

When the Devices Are Done

Letting Your Fingers Do the Photo Editing

A Textbook Case of iPad Fun With Studying

App Makes Readers’ Thoughts an Open Book

In Your Hands, Just What You Want to Read