With Anki, Toy Cars Cruise Into the New Age of Robotics

Every so often a new tech product comes along that is just plain fun. Anki is one of those.

Five Key Features of Mavericks, Apple’s New OS for Macs

Upgrading your Mac to the Mavericks operating system? Here’s what you need to know.
Mavericks Desktop

Well, Helllooooo, New iPad Air. Have You Done Something Different With Your Hair?

iPad loses weight, gets a new name.

Apple’s New Mavericks OS X: Free. That’s Right, Free.

As first revealed at WWDC back in June, Apple’s new operating system for Macs improves the Safari browser and focuses on maximizing battery life.

New iOS App Memoir Jogs Your Memory With Old Photos

Memoir doesn’t just show you food photos and baby pictures in a news feed. It reminds you where you were in photos from the past.

Stir Kinetic Desk, Created by Former iPod Engineer, Makes Other Standing Desks Look Boring

For $3890, the Stir desk had better do everything but make me a sandwich.

iPhone 5c: Candy Colors With a Nice Price

The iPhone 5c’s improvements include longer battery life, better cellular-data capabilities, and a better front-facing camera.
The 5C iPhone comes in green, blue, yellow and pink, as well as white.

News Byte

Wash Your Hands, Kids: Apple Unveils Touch ID Sensor for One-Step iPhone Authentication

At today’s Apple event in Cupertino, Calif., the company unveiled a widely expected “Touch ID” sensor that allows users to unlock their iPhones by tapping on the home button of the smartphone. It’s a super-high-resolution sensor — 500 pixels per inch — that uses advanced capacitive touch technology to analyze users’ unique fingerprints. It can also be used to authenticate before purchasing items from the iTunes Store and App Store. “About half of our customers do not set up a pass code on their device,” Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, said onstage.

Apple’s iPhone 5c: $99 With a Two-Year Contract, $549 Unlocked

One word: Plastics.

Apple to Offer iWork Apps for Free With New iOS Devices

Apple is throwing free productivity software in with new iDevices.

Diving Into Moto X With Motorola’s SVP of Product Management (Video)

Apple Issues Software Update for Spotty Wi-Fi on Some New MacBook Airs

With 50 Billion Apple Apps Downloaded, All I Got Was This Poster

Who’s at D: Roku CEO Anthony Wood on the Future of TV (Video)

A Smarter Calendar for iPhone

NFC: What You Need to Know

Apple MacBook Pros With Retina Display Get Faster, Cheaper