Music-Discovery Service ExFM Pulls the Plug

A startup that had buzz four years ago says that it’s going dark, more or less, next month.
cloud music

Netflix Doesn’t Have the Market Cornered on Binge TV: Zombies + Walter White Help AMC Win the Fall VOD War

You have to work (relatively) hard to get video on demand out of your pay-TV provider. But lots of you are doing it.

No One Buys Music on the Web Anymore. Except When They Buy a Million Beyonce Albums in Five Days.

Beyonce and Apple defy gravity, and a year-long trend. What Does It All Mean?
Beyonce iTunes

Amazon Really, Really Wants to Sell More Kindle Fire HDX Tablets

So it will finance your purchase, interest-free.
amazon kindle fire installment plan

Twitter Tries to Get Your Attention

Coming to your phone: Updates about stuff Twitter thinks you should care about.

Spotify’s Daniel Ek on Competition, Controversy and Crossing Over Into the Mainstream

“We’ve proved that you can actually make this a business,” says the streaming music service’s CEO. Next step: Making it a really big business, while fighting off new competition.
(Photo by Jason DeCrow/Spotify)

Beats Music Targeting January Launch

Another music subscription service that was supposed to arrive this year is being pushed back. But Jimmy Iovine’s project is still supposed to show up soon.

ESPN ScoreCenter App Is a Hit, but It’s Getting an Overhaul Anyway: New Name, More Video, More Stuff

ESPN is already mobile-first. So if its users are going to spend all their time there, why not give them more to look at?

Google Tries Rebooting Its Flipboard Clone, and Starts Selling the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal

Remember Google “Currents”? No? Exactly. But Google is still trying to make a social newsreader app work.
google play newsstand

Twitter’s TV Guide Experiment Gets a Little Closer to Prime Time

Apple TV Adds Yahoo, PBS

Netflix Gives Most, but Not All, of Its TV Viewers a New Look

Netflix + YouTube = Half Your Broadband Diet

Delta Celebrates FAA Gadget Sanity With a Viral YouTube Hit

Intel May Turn Over Its Web TV Project to Verizon

Why Is Google Putting Money Into a Music Label?

Apple Rolls Out New Gadgets, Keeps Same Strategy

YouTube Is Going Mobile First, Too

Foursquare Opens Up Its Self-Serve Ad Platform

Twitter Gets Its Strongest TV Tie-Up So Far, With an Ambitious Comcast Deal

Twitter Is Made for Mobile, but It Still Has a Mobile Ad Gap