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They’re Baaaack. Tabs Return to Yahoo Mail.

Today, Yahoo announced that it is bringing back the popular Tabs feature to Yahoo Mail. Tabs, which allow you to multitask between reading and writing emails, will begin rolling out globally over the next few days, and can be enabled by going to View > Multitasking > Tabs. In addition, there’s a new Preview All feature that will allow you to see all open tabs in a grid view. The absence of Tabs was just one of many complaints users voiced about the new Yahoo Mail, which launched in October.

Sony PlayStation 4 Makes Right Play for Gamers

Seven years after its last release, Sony is back with the PlayStation 4, a powerful console aimed squarely at gamers.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: Nice Camera, Clunky Smartphone

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom can take some good photos with its optical zoom, but it comes at the expense of a bulky smartphone design.

Five Tips for Getting Started With Windows 8.1

If you recently upgraded to Windows 8.1 or bought a new Windows PC or tablet, here are a few tips for getting around the new operating system.

New E-Book Services Borrow a Page From Netflix

Oyster and Scribd let you read an unlimited number of books for a monthly fee, but is there enough content to make it worth it?

Nintendo 2DS Invites New Gamers to Play at an Affordable Price

The Nintendo 2DS isn’t the prettiest, fastest, or most-advanced gaming handheld, but it’s a good option for young kids and the budget-conscious.

Rescuing Water-Damaged Devices: Is There a Better Fix Than Rice?

These solutions may not be foolproof, but they could save you hundreds of dollars.