Noogler Poach — Google Nabs Top Maps and AR Engineer From Microsoft (Video)

A big talent leaves Microsoft.

Can These Augmented-Reality Apps Move Beyond the Gimmicks?

Apps like Blippar and Zappar deliver a cool AR experience — if you’re really into ads.
When I scanned this image of an Asda floormat using the Zappar app, a cartoon bunny rabbit appeared on my smartphone's screen

Will Wright at Augmented Reality Conference: Don’t Augment Reality, Decimate It

Silicon Valley could learn a thing or two from the Amish.

Atheer Looks to Add Human Touch to Futuristic Wearable Computers (Video)

While wearable devices still might be too futuristic for some, Atheer is working to make our interaction with them as human and natural as possible.

Google’s Mobile Game Ingress Finds a Passionate Following

“It’s like the real-world socializing of Foursquare merged with World of Warcraft,” explained Ingress creator John Hanke in a recent interview.
Ingress fan art

Shopping in the Future:’s Augmented-Reality Fitting-Room App

Coming soon: See how glasses fit your face and your style from the comfort of your own iPad.

Viking’s Vision for a Cellphone-Free Future

A company called Brilliant Service wants to replace your smartphone with augmented-reality glasses.

Here’s What Happens When You Combine a Comic Book, an iPad and Augmented Reality

Presto! The future of the graphic novel. Or at least that’s what Anomaly Productions hopes…

Anomaly Productions Brings Interactive Twist to Graphic Novels

At D: Dive Into Media, Anomaly Productions shows how it’s using tech to create a more immersive reading experience.

Sergey Brin Takes His Google Goggles for a New York City Subway Spin

Next time you’re on the 3 train, look around: Maybe there’s a billionaire showing off space age technology sitting next to you.
sergey brin subway google glassesjpeg