And the NSA Award Goes To …

On a personal note, I’d be remiss not to mention my conflicted feelings about winning the award given what we know about the NSA’s widespread collection of private communications and what remains unknown about oversight over the agency’s operations.

Joseph Bonneau, a Google engineer who won the NSA award for the Best Scientific Cybersecurity Paper of 2012


Look Out Google Fiber, $35-A-Month Gigabit Internet Comes to Vermont

Heads up Google Fiber: A rural Vermont telephone company might just have your $70 gigabit Internet offer beat.

Moon Shot: Earthbound Investor Milner Talks About Origins of the Universe at SXSW

Well-known Russian digital dude thinks the big thoughts.

The $56 Million Man: Yahoo Confirms Hiring of Google’s De Castro as COO

Yes, that’s a lot of dough for the multi-lingual sales exec.

Facebook 8-K: Zuckerberg Will Not Sell Any Shares for One Year (Filing)

Damage control at the social networking giant commences.

Mayer to Get Close to $60 Million (And Maybe More) in Overall Compensation for Yahoo’s Top Job

Memo from the Department of the Internet Rich Get Richer!

Who’s to Blame for Yahoo’s Q2 Revenue Rout? The Line Forms Around Back…

What happened to Yahoo revenue? Display sales in the U.S. gets the blame this quarter. While coming up with a new thing to blame for Q3, Yahoo execs try to explain it all for you.

Viral Video: Foursquare's Dennis Crowley Is Character Approved

Recently, Foursquare was selected for an “award,” as part of an advertising campaign for USA Networks, whose motto is “Characters Welcome.” Now, a commercial featuring co-founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai is in heavy rotation on the cable television channel–what can BoomTown say, except, “NCIS” rocks, and thus, I have had to endure the ad 67 times so far!

SAP Plans to Fight $1.3 Billion Judgment in Oracle Case

SAP believes the jury was too generous in its award to Oracle and that the damages are not proportionate to its subsidiary’s offense of intellectual-property theft.

Eric Schmidt Lost $300 Million in Google CEO Shake-Up and He's Still Richer Than You

Google’s just given outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt a $100 million equity award. A nice little bonus, but not large enough to offset the losses he’s suffered since announcing he is stepping down as CEO.

Stephen Colbert Wins Twitter!

Winklevii Vs. Zuck: Who'd You Rather?