If You Want to Stay out of Jail, Don’t Instagram Your Ballot

In some states, there’s good reason to leave the smartphone at home — or at least in your pocket.
Photo courtesy of Instagram.

Sequoia's Voter Consternation Drive

Fantastic. Here we are, just two weeks before the 2008 presidential election and the integrity and accuracy of some of the electronic voting machines that will determine its outcome are in question. Again.

The Yahoo Shareholder Vote: Like Florida, Except More Confusing!

All Yahoo needs now is for former Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris to show up and start recounting votes. It could happen, given all the crazy characters who have been drawn to the much-beleaguered Internet company like a magnet, in 2008. It’s almost as if there is a voodoo curse on Yahoo and, so, you didn’t think the digital gods would let it have more than one weekend of good news, did you? No, they will not, it seems.