CIOs to Tablets: It’s Business Time

The consumerization of IT is in full swing.

Apple TV on the Outside, Same Old TV on the Inside

Another analyst guess about what an Apple TV could look like: A really big, really cool iPad that sells for $1,500. But about the programming …

Groupon Gets Average Grades on Analysts’ First Report Cards

Wall Street analysts are particularly concerned about how the 3-year-old daily deals company will evolve over the next couple of years.
Groupon_mason celebrating at Nasdaq

What Would T-Mobile Do With $3 Billion? We May Be About to Find Out.

Three billion dollars is what T-Mobile would collect as a break-up fee, assuming its merger with AT&T is not approved. We heard from the DOJ today. The FCC is also sounding less than enthusiastic.


Zynga Preparing to File IPO

Online social gaming company Zynga is preparing to file for an initial public offering as early as Wednesday and hopes to raise up to $2 billion, people familiar with the matter said.

Has Cisco Escaped the Air Pockets?

Cisco Systems hit unexpected “air pockets” last quarter, but today we’ll see how well the networking giant is navigating the turbulence.

YouTube Revenue Doubled Last Year. Which Means…What?

Growth is good! But we still don’t have any real sense of how much money YouTube generates. And don’t even think about asking about profits.

News Byte

Waiting for the $80 Kindle? Hang On Till 2013

Since Amazon refuses to say how many Kindles it sells, observers keep making educated guesses: Barclays now thinks the e-commerce giant moved 7.1 million e-readers last year. That’s a bit less than the 8 million estimate that Bloomberg reported in December, but no matter what the number is, it’s a lot of Kindles. Barclays think Amazon will keep selling more, despite (and perhaps because of) competition from Apple, while dropping prices of the devices. By 2013, it predicts the average price of the e-reader will drop to $79.

200 Million FaceTime-Enabled Devices in 2012?

By the end of fiscal 2011 Apple will have an installed base of some 85 million FaceTime-enabled devices as the company’s nascent video conferencing platform gathers momentum, says a Barclay’s analyst–and by the end of fiscal 2012 it will have reached more than 200 million.

Tired: Speculating About Verizon iPhone. Wired: Speculating About Verizon iPhone Sales.

Verizon Wireless will hold an event in New York tomorrow where, as we first reported here, it will announce the availability of Apple’s iPhone on its network. And when it does, it will halt once and for all the near-pathological Verizon iPhone speculation that preceded it. But only because those who speculated about the existence of a Verizon iPhone have been struck by a new monomania: Speculating about first-year Verizon iPhone sales numbers.

IPhone 4 Recall? Get a Grip!

Bing on the iPad?

Will Bing Sneak Onto the iPad?

Hate Paying for Cable? Here’s Why.

Gmail Goes Social With Google Buzz