Adjusted for Reality, Neither Rackspace Nor Equinix Shine

We learned during the dot-com boom, and the subsequent bust, that it takes real money to build the Internet, meaning that the growth of online advertising, e-commerce, social networking, and all the rest doesn’t offer a magic formula for profit.


Netflix Down on Report of Verizon Video Streaming Plans

Shares of Netflix are down are down 2 percent, perhaps in part because Verizon Communications is planning to offer its own streaming video service on the Internet, according to a report by Reuters.


Japan: Bismaleimide Shortage Lurks, Says FBR

FBR Capital’s Craig Berger today reiterated his positive view on several semiconductor makers, despite what he sees as a likely hit to the electronics supply chain from the disaster in Japan, including a potential shortage of image sensors, NAND flash memory chips, and touch-screen displays that could be bad enough to slow production of Apple’s iPad 2.


INTC: Piper Sees Change Of Guard In Tech Wave

A team of technology analysts at Piper Jaffray today offered a rather sweeping note positing that technology is becoming a force again to a degree not seen since the ’90s. The rise of mobile technology, especially mobile phones, is threatening to displace the personal computer and to create new technology leaders, they write, with Qualcomm, for example, surpassing Intel in importance.


Motorola: Detwiler Sees Xoom Struggling

Analysts at Detwiler Fenton this morning write that Motorola Mobility’s “Xoom” tablet, which went on sale last week at Verizon Communications’ Verizon Wireless, may be having a rough first go of it.


MSFT's $2.3B Bond Sale: 'Year Of The Shareholder,' Says Bloomberg

In response to Microsoft’s plan to sell $2.25 billion of bonds in maturities of 2015, 2020, and 2040, Bloomberg’s Sapna Maheshwari and John Detrixhe this afternoon write that the offering signals 2011 is, “more the year of the shareholder than the year of the bondholder.”


Source: Disney Not Interested In Buying Imax

In response to rumors today in a couple of media outlets saying Walt Disney was among media titans interested in buying Imax, perhaps for as much as $40 per share, a source close to Disney this afternoon tells me that, “the rumors today of the company’s interest in Imax are pure fiction.”


Apple: Where Are The TV Apps, Asks Kaufman

Kaufman Brothers analyst Shaw Wu this morning responds to Apple’s (AAPL) announcement yesterday it was closing in on one million units sold of the Apple TV, writing that the company should add support for its iOS apps on the device.


Groupon: At Last, A CFO! Amazon Vet Tapped.

Groupon, the coupon site that Google was reportedly looking to purchase for $6 billion, has hired Jason Child as its CFO, formerly the finance chief of Amazon.com’s International business, serving as worldwide corporate controller.

Motorola CEO Calmly Prepares for the iPhone Storm

Arguably no company gained as much from Verizon’s lack of an iPhone than Motorola. But with a Verizon iPhone appearing imminent, it’s also true that it is one of the companies most at risk.

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