The Idiot’s Guide to Valuing Snapchat

Step 1: Ignore this idiot.

After Pocketing More Than $500 Million From Bebo’s Sale, Founders Buy It Back for $1 Million

New life for the U.K.’s one-time social network of choice?


“Hands-Off”: The Impossible Promise

Inside Yahoo, Tumblr will be caught in the tectonic grinding of conflicting interests.

Bebo Founders Go Analog With Exclusive Battery Club in San Francisco

One way to spend your millions: Build a private clubhouse, with no oversharers welcome.

News Byte

Bebo Founders and Shareholders Sue New Owner

Bebo’s co-founders Michael and Xochi Birch and other investors are suing its new owners and seeking $5 million in damages, paidContent reports. The group was persuaded to put more money into Bebo after Criterion Capital Partners bought the social network from AOL in 2010. The investors allege that Criterion has mismanaged the site and withheld information from them.

Does AOL’s Huge Stock Decline Make It a Bargain Acquisition Target?

Wanna buy a famous Internet company for $500 million?

Exclusive: Myspace Sale Nearing End Today With Low $30M Price and Buyer You Never Heard Of

Have you ever heard of Specific Media? What about Golden Gate Capital? One of them is likely to be the new owner of Myspace by Thursday, as the deal to sell the distressed social networking icon goes down to the wire for a $20 million to $30 million price and massive layoffs.

The Myspace Sweepstakes Drag on–Another Bid Deadline Today As Sale Deadline Looms

The sale of Myspace by its owner News Corp. is still going, going, going, gooooooing on…


Bids for Myspace Expected This Week

About a half dozen private equity firms and companies are expected to submit bids for News Corp.’s Myspace by the end of this week, according to people familiar with the matter.

Bebo–Still Big in the U.K.!–Redesigns

Bebo, the social network bought and sold by AOL, still has 10 million monthly unique visitors, with an average user age of 17 and lots of them in the U.K..

AOL CEO Tim Armstrong Live at D8