Digital-Ad Vet Mike Barrett on Facebook, Ad-Tech IPOs and a Cookie-Free Web (Q&A)

One of the Web’s best-traveled salesmen — and most popular board members — drops some knowledge.

What Privacy Problem? Web Ad Targeter Media6Degrees Raises $17 Million

More money for a Web ad start-up that promises marketers it can sniff out prospective buyers by tracking their “social signature.”

Online Ad Business Hopes a Logo Will Fend Off Feds, Privacy Problems

This one’s called the “Advertising Option Icon.” And the average Web surfer will have no idea what that means. Which means the Web ad privacy problem won’t go away.


Web Analysts Push For Privacy Standards

As Web tracking faces growing regulatory and public scrutiny, people who analyze online data for a living are confronting questions about their industry. The Wall Street Journal’s What They Know series has documented the cutting-edge uses of the tracking technology used to create profiles of consumers’ habits. The 50 most popular U.S. websites installed 64 tracking files on average, the Journal study found.


How to Protect Your Child's Privacy Online

Websites popular among children and teens place more tracking technologies on users’ computers than do the top websites aimed at adults, a Wall Street Journal investigation has found. But parents can take steps to limit their children’s exposure.

Google Expands Its Behavioral Targeting Bulls-Eye

“Remarketing” lets advertisers track your visits to different Web sites and serve you ads based on your travels. That kind of stuff may eventually lead to a clash with privacy advocates, and maybe even Congress. But after a one-year trial, Google is embracing the technique wholeheartedly.

More Money for Ad Tech: Rubicon Project Raises $9 Million

Start-ups whose business plans are based on selling advertising are having a very hard time raising money. But start-ups that want to make money by helping other people sell advertising? That’s another story. Today’s example: Rubicon Project, a Los Angeles-based advertising-optimization start-up, has raised a $9 million C round led by Peacock Equity, the joint venture co-owned by GE Capital and GE’s NBC Universal.


Privacy Groups Urge Congress to Toughen Up on Online Ads

Ten privacy groups urged Congress on Tuesday to take greater steps to limit advertising that tracks consumers’ behavior online. The coalition, which included the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Consumers Union and Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, singled out behavioral advertising, in which Internet users are tracked, analyzed and served ads based on the information gleaned from their movements, in its recommendations.

Chrome OS, Huh? Will It Be Based on a Google Analytics Kernel?

So Google has finally copped to developing an operating system–Chrome OS, a software platform “created for people who spend most of their time on the Web, and…designed to power computers ranging from small netbooks to full-size desktop systems.” It is an extraordinary market play. And an unsettling one. For it seeks to place Google, which already collects vast amounts of data about our Internet use, at the very center of our information experience. The privacy implications of that are, of course, horrendous.

Internet Advertisers Say Internet Advertising Keeps America Strong

Did you know that Internet publishing–Internet publishing supported by advertising, that is–creates millions of jobs in this country? It’s true, says a trade group, which is trying to convince Washington that all that is at risk if people start passing pesky laws.