That Giant Bitcoin Crash in the Wake of China Restrictions? It Never Happened.

The digital currency shows some resiliency.

China Bitcoin Exchange CEO: We’re Not Giving Up Yet

“We got venture capital funding for a reason,” BTC China CEO Bobby Lee said. “To safeguard for this rainy day.”

If China Wanted to Ban Bitcoin, It Would Ban Bitcoin

The Chinese government likely just wants to tap the brakes on a phenomenon that caught it off guard.

Some Flight Attendant Just Paid Richard Branson 350 Bitcoins to Become an Astronaut

You, too, can now use the virtual currency to fly into space.
richard branson

What’s a Bitcoin Really Worth? CoinDesk Thinks It Has the Answer.

A move to limit distortion in calculating the value of the digital currency.

News Byte

New York State Considering New Regulatory Guidelines for Bitcoin

The superintendent of New York State’s Department of Financial Services said on Monday that his department has “launched an inquiry into the appropriate regulatory guidelines that it should put in place for virtual currencies,” the most prominent of which is bitcoin. The superintendent, Benjamin M. Lawsky, said that preliminary inquiries have found that there are virtual currency businesses acting as money transmitters, but without the proper safeguards in place. Beyond looking to make sure that these businesses abide by existing guidelines, Lawsky said his agency is also considering new guidelines specific to virtual currencies.

For Bitcoin VCs, There’s No Sexier Word Than “Compliance”

Want funding? Get ready for some red tape.