LittleBits Secures $3.65M in Funding, Plans Product Expansion

The company, which makes modules akin to electrically-charged Legos, is planning to make some new toys this year.

The New York Times Bits Blog Gets a Billboard

Competition in the technoblogoverse just got a little fiercer! The New York Times Bits technology blog now has its very own billboard on Highway 101.

NYT Blogger and New Author Nick Bilton Talks About the Future (Where He Apparently Lives)

Yesterday, BoomTown headed on down to the metalish-tube-clad HQ of the New York Times to pay a visit on “Bits” head blogger Nick Bilton. Bilton, who is one of the few tech reporters with programming cred, brings a geek-flavored sensibility to the newspaper’s online tech coverage. That’s entirely clear in his new book: “I Live in the Future & Here’s How It Works: Why Your World, Work, and Brain Are Being Creatively Disrupted.”


Site Pushes Anonymous Reviews of Coworkers

What if people could post anonymous reviews of your work on your social-networking account, and there was nothing you could do about it? That’s the format used by a start-up called Unvarnished. According to the site, Unvarnished aims to help users “get the inside scoop on other business professionals, providing candid assessments of coworkers” and potential hires.


Microsoft Losing Consumer Battle?

Microsoft has lost the war for consumers’ hearts, most particularly in the smartphone category, argues influential newsletter publisher Mark Anderson, who pens the Strategic News Service, as New York Times columnist Steve Lohr writes in the Bits blog late last night.