Meet YouTube’s Michael Bay

Freddie Wong’s blow-’em-ups are some of the most popular things on the world’s most popular video site. But he’d like you watch on his own site, too.

Flingo Gets $7 Million for a Second-Screen Bet

Ashwin Navin used to run BitTorrent. Now he’s making another stab at video, this time with help from August Capital.

News Byte

Yes We Khan: BitTorrent Adds an Educational App

BitTorrent has been working hard to counter the image that it’s solely a vehicle for swapping pirated movies and music, in part by adding an App Studio featuring content from selected publishers and developers. The latest addition should help the cause: An app providing access to the 2,000 or so instructional videos of the Khan Academy, the widely praised online education site created by Salman Khan.

I/O Ventures Returns to Train Second Class of Start-Ups

With a swarm of start-up accelerators in the mold of Y Combinator all hitting the tech scene last year, it’s inevitable that some will fall by the wayside. But I/O Ventures, based in San Francisco’s Mission District, will be back for another season, co-founder Paul Bragiel tells NetworkEffect.

How to Steal Any Movie You Want on the Web: Wall Street Gets a How-To Guide

It’s easier than ever to download any movie or TV show you want on the Web, for free. Just ask Rich Greenfield. Or better yet, let the Wall Street analyst show you, via a helpful four-minute video .

How Much Copyright Infringement Can You Cram Into a Single Tweet?

If you run a user-generated content site, takedown notices from copyright holders are a fact of life. That even goes for Twitter, where messages are limited to 140 characters of text. The site received on the order of 300 takedown notices in the last month.

No One Is Happy With the FCC Chairman's Speech, Except Broadband Investors

Everyone has something to say about today’s speech by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski on the subject of net neutrality. Having been blocked in the courts from imposing sanctions on Comcast for throttling users of BitTorrent, the commission has been spinning its wheels trying to find a way to nudge the broadband industry in a direction toward treating all Internet content fairly.


Warner Bros. Probing Online Leak of "Harry Potter"

Warner Bros. is investigating how the first 36 minutes of the newest “Harry Potter” film came to be posted on the Internet late Monday night, four days ahead of the movie’s world-wide theatrical debut on Friday.

Comcast Owes You Money

Were you a Comcast subscriber between April 1, 2006, and December 31, 2008? Did the company’s network management techniques during that time screw up your Fedora downloads? Then why haven’t you filed your P2P Congestion Settlement Claim yet?

Feds' Hairy Eyeball on Digital Not Just for Silicon Valley: Comcast/NBC Deal Continues to Undergo Stop-Start Vetting

It seems like every day, a different Silicon Valley company is in the crosshairs of one of the alphabet soup of federal government regulators over a range of concerns. But one of the more important digital inquiries these days is the hairy-eyeball once-over Comcast is getting in the vetting of its deal to acquire NBC Universal. And it’s clear that the company is going to have to answer mounting questions about how it plans to conduct itself online.

Pirate Bay Runs Aground, Again

Take Me Away From All These … Layoffs