Deleting Emails on an iPad

Walt Mossberg answers readers’ question on how to delete more than one email at once on an iPad, secure computers, and more.

PlayBook: A Tablet With a Case Of Codependency

The BlackBerry PlayBook tablet has a great interface and a beautiful screen. But its dependence on a nearby BlackBerry connection makes it impractical for most people, writes Walt.
RIM BlackBerry PlayBook Tablet

Analyst Sees BlackBerry PlayBook Buzz Building Ahead of Rumored April Launch

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook doesn’t yet have a firm price or launch date–though new rumors suggest it may arrive at market by mid-April–but already there is developing demand for it. According to some analysts, anyway.

BlackBerry PlayBook: Looks Good on Paper, But…

The PlayBook’s hardware specs might beat anything on the market, its QNX OS might be rock solid and its “Web fidelity” might outshine that of the iPad, but Research in Motion’s forthcoming “professional tablet” will be poorly received when it finally ships. This according to Wedge Partners analyst Brian Blair, who believes the device to be signifigantly flawed and claims it will be “dead on arrival.”

RIM Gives India Access to Consumer Messaging

Research In Motion has finally settled its long-running dispute with the Indian government over its BlackBerry Messenger Service–part of it, anyway. It’s given wireless carriers in the country the ability to intercept messages sent over its BlackBerry Messenger service and BlackBerry Internet Service if requested by the government.

Weathering the Storm, RIM Makes Its Business Case in Boston

Mobilized is in Beantown Thursday to hear Research In Motion talk about its plans for the enterprise. The event, at the Marriott Copley Place downtown, kicked off around 10 am ET. Here are the highlights.

Choosing a Windows PC

Walt answers readers’ questions on shopping for a new Windows PC, irritating bundled programs, and the Galaxy S smartphone.

BlackBerry Torch: Prices So Hot, They’re on Fire

Launched last Thursday, Research in Motion’s new BlackBerry Torch is already being sold at a discount–and significant one, too.

Put the BlackBerry Box Next to King Abdullah’s WoW Server

Is there a ban on BlackBerry services in Saudi Arabia or isn’t there? Earlier this week the kingdom’s Communication and Information Technology Commission ordered a suspension of some BlackBerry services that was to begin today and continue until Research in Motion addressed the national security concerns it raised about lack of access to BlackBerry data. Yet after a temporary outage this morning, BlackBerry service appears to be operating normally.

RIM CEO: If You’re Going to Ban the BlackBerry, You Might as Well Ban the Internet Too

Research in Motion co-CEO Michael Lazaridis has a bit of advice for Gulf states threatening to ban BlackBerry services over national security concerns: “If they can’t deal with the Internet, they should shut it off.”

RIM: Time to Call Life Alert?

Is Android Really Outselling Apple?

RIM’s BlackBerry Jam