No Cheap Shots With This $300 Bluetooth Basketball

The future of basketball looks pretty high-tech. (You still have to practice.)
InfoMotion Basketball

Livescribe 3, Jot Script and Pencil: Three “Smart” Pens for the Tablet Era

These iPad pens — and pencil — are bringing sexy back to styluses.
Jot Script

Jawbone’s New Up Band Syncs Wirelessly, Costs $20 More

Called the Up24, this new activity-tracker is definitely going to get you moving this time … right?
UP24 with Device_crop-feature

With Anki, Toy Cars Cruise Into the New Age of Robotics

Every so often a new tech product comes along that is just plain fun. Anki is one of those.

With Samsung Galaxy Gear, the Watch of the Future Is Not Quite Here Yet

The Samsung Galaxy Gear watch does most of what it says it should do, and still doesn’t make a compelling case for a notification wristwatch.
Galaxy Gear

Stir Kinetic Desk, Created by Former iPod Engineer, Makes Other Standing Desks Look Boring

For $3890, the Stir desk had better do everything but make me a sandwich.

For Some Fledgling Connected Gadgets, Privacy Considerations Come After the Fact

Excited about a cool new gadget on a crowdfunding site? Consider how the company approaches privacy, too.

Bluetooth Speakers Popping Up Everywhere? Here’s Why.

Seems like everywhere you turn, there’s a new Bluetooth speaker. Here are a few reasons why these (often cheap) gadgets are flooding the market.

Ouya Is a Compact Bundle of Fun, but Not a Be-All Game Console

For $100, Ouya gives indie game fans an inexpensive console option. But at launch, Ouya lacks oomph and comes with glitches.
Ouya 1

Sony Takes Another Stab at a Smart Watch, This Time With NFC

Here a watch, there a watch, everywhere a smart watch …

With iPad Mini Keyboards, It’s (Literally) the Little Things

With SmartThings, the Automated Home Suddenly Becomes More Accessible (Video)

Look Ma, No Hands! August “Smart” Lock Takes the Stage at D11. (Video)

With August, Yves Behar Brings Fine Design to a “Smart” Door Lock

Three Shower Speakers to Get You Moving in the Morning

New Bluetooth Basketball Analyzes Your Shooting, Dribbling Skills

Weighing In on Wi-Fi Scales

Logitech Offers Sweet Sound with Bluetooth “Boombox”

Hands-Free Camera Dock Swivl Adds DSLR, iPad Support

Shocker! Another Smart Watch — This Time, Casio’s G-Shock.

Jawbone Gears Up for a Second Shot at Wearable Tech

New Fitbits Use Bluetooth to Sync Directly to Your iPhone

One Small Keyboard for Logitech, One Giant Leap for iPad Productivity

Pebble Creator on How He Closed $10 Million on Kickstarter: Build for Mom