Disney’s Bob Iger Makes Me Dis “Bambi”: The Full D9 Interview (Video)

Disney CEO Bob Iger is a very crafty guy, turning the tables on me many times in this wide-ranging interview about the iconic media giant and its challenges in the digital age. He tried to press me on my love of Disney fare, which is, well, nonexistent.

Bob Iger

President and CEO
The Walt Disney Company

Iger has served as president and chief executive officer at Disney for several years, having previously served as president and chief operating officer, president of Walt Disney International, and Chairman of ABC. Prior to putting on the mouse ears, Iger held a series of increasingly responsible positions at ABC, Inc. and its predecessor Capital Cities/ABC, Inc., culminating in service as president of the ABC Network Television Group and then president and chief operating officer of ABC, Inc. He keeps a hand in the non-mickey mouse arena by sitting on the Board of Directors of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York.

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