The Pramana Collective: New Tech PR Firm Made Up of Old PR Hands

Let us all meditate on how we can communicate better.


How Will Facebook’s Zuckerberg Adapt to Working in the Public Eye?

Brandee Barker, Anil Dash, Jason Hirschhorn and Robert Scoble reflect on how Facebook’s shy wunderkind will perform as the head of a publicly traded company.

A New Kind of Marketing Company From Former Apple Exec Forming With Backing of Twitter’s Dorsey

Is another “disruptive” marketing company coming to Silicon Valley?

Exclusive: Apple Global Marcom VP Allison Johnson Leaving Company

Allison Johnson, who’s served as Apple’s vice president of worldwide marketing communications since 2005, is leaving the company, according to several sources, for a new Silicon Valley communications firm with a former Facebook PR exec.

Longtime Facebook Biz Dev Leader Ali Rosenthal to Depart

Alison “Ali” Rosenthal, a veteran of the Facebook business development team, will leave the company at the end of this week, she told NetworkEffect.

"60 Minutes": Does Mark Zuckerberg Want to "Own" the Internet? (Plus New Profiles on Facebook!)

Here is a sneak peak at the “60 Minutes” piece that will air tonight at 7 pm PT on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In it, he shows off another redo of the profiles, which put photos front and center. Veteran CBS correspondent Lesley Stahl asks Zuckerberg in the clip (after the jump) if he wants to own the Internet–which, as usual, Zuckerberg does not exactly answer.

Exclusive: Brandee "No Comment" Barker Finally Comments–Longtime PR Honcho Is Leaving Facebook

BoomTown usually does not get all weepy over the departure of public relations folks at Internet companies, in that cynical I’ve-seen-’em-come-and-I’ve-seen-’em-go kind of way. But the leaving of Brandee Barker from Facebook most certainly elicited a small single tear of sadness this morning, when she called into All Things Digital Global HQ to say she would no longer be tossing me her patented–and very endearing–hand-in-the-face “no comment” for the powerful social networking site. After four long and tumultuous years, she leaves Facebook Dec. 10.

Liveblogging the Facebook Mobile Event: Single Sign-On for Social

BoomTown arrived late to the Facebook mobile event for the press due to traffic related to the parade for the San Francisco Giants’ World Series victory–and where I would much rather be right now. Go Giants! In any case, I am here in the cafeteria of Facebook again, where the company continues its attempts to take over the known digital universe before Google does. The latest parry: Single sign-on!

A "Mean" Video: BoomTown Annoys a Cavalcade of Facebook Execs at f8!

Here is a video BoomTown did yesterday at Facebook’s bustling f8 developers conference in San Francisco. At a press conference at the Silicon Valley social networking event, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg–trying mightily not to answer a question I proffered about the competitive landscape–said I wrote “mean” posts. Oh, Mark, man up or get a big dose of a sense of humor from your delightful sister, Randi. In any case, I hope Zuckerberg enjoys these interviews I did with many of his minions at f8.

Take That E!: Facebook Invades the Golden Globes–The Scandalous Video!

Who says Facebook can’t be an online content company too? Not the passel of folks from the social networking behemoth, who plucked, primped and transformed themselves into a pack of glamorous nerds to hit the red carpet at the Golden Globes Awards ceremony in Beverly Hills earlier tonight. In other words: Silicon Valley meets Silicone Valley!

Fiascobook, Redux

Kara Visits DLD in Germany: EuroSchmoozing!

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A Well-Deserved Court Loss for Facebook