Departing Skype Exec Gillett to Become Head of “Value Creation” at Silver Lake

Mystery managed, as the British exec might say!


Phone-Hacking Trial Set to Start

The criminal trial of former News Corp executive Rebekah Brooks and several of the company’s former employees involved in an alleged phone-hacking scandal starts here Monday, kicking off a courtroom drama that could further embarrass both the media giant and the British government.

Stephen Elop Is Now the Microsoft CEO Candidate to Beat

Well, it only cost $7.17 billion, but Microsoft now has a pretty obvious candidate to lead the company as soon as CEO Steve Ballmer vacates the seat he said he would leave within the year.

Viral Video: “Downton Abbey” Trailer (Admit It, You Care)

An even stiffer-upper-lip drama returns.

Mike Lynch Punches Back at Today’s HP Filing: Whither $5B Writedown?

Sooner or later, someone’s going to lose an eye.

Khosla Ventures Brings In Condoleezza Rice’s Firm for Strategic Role

Strategery plus!

Happy 100th Birthday, Alan Turing. Love, Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley certainly owes a lot to the famed British codebreaker and math genius.

Viral Video: 15-Year-Old Korean Girl Channels Adele

Just: Wow.

Murdoch & Son Visit Parliament and Return With a Big Helping Of Humble (and Shaving Cream) Pie

News Corp. CEO and majordomo Rupert Murdoch tells British lawmakers he is sorry on the “most humble day of my life”, survives a surprise attack and loses his jacket. Other than that, the hearing turned into a what didn’t the Murdochs know and when didn’t they know it Q&A session.

Viral Photo: Meryl Streep as "The Iron Lady"

For Sale:, Barely Used

How to Report Snow