Dropbox Goes Business Class With New Enterprise Tools

Two Dropboxes in one are better than two Dropboxes.

Samsung Opens Up Mobile Devices to Developers to Make Them More Attractive to Businesses

The Samsung Solution Exchange will include third-party products designed for industries such as health care, financial services, government, transportation, retail and education.
Samsung b-to-b


It’s really hard not to be distracted by the things you think you should be doing, or that you see other businesses doing, and focus in on what actually matters to your chosen business day in and day out.

— WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg, during his Reddit AMA session, offering advice on running a startup

News Byte

It’s On: Microsoft Management and Unit Reorg Will Be Announced Tomorrow

As AllThingsD reported earlier this week, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s reorg of the tech giant will take place tomorrow, according to numerous sources close to the situation. Top execs who have been informed of the changes today said that the restructuring is dramatic, and will include the wholesale elimination of its operating units for a management structure built around devices and services, both in the consumer and business spaces. As AllThingsD also reported (you can read all the details here, which sources said are accurate), it will include a centralization of common business functions, such as marketing.

Aiming for “Functional Coherence,” Mulling a Different P&L and With Advice From Ford CEO, Microsoft Restructuring Set for Thursday

Get ready for the rumble — and you know Steve Ballmer loves to rumble.

Klout Launches a Business Product — And It’s About Time

Klout makes a B2B play — a smart, long-overdue move for the social startup.

Parties — Not Panels or Products — Were the Animating Spark at SXSW

The real work happens when the sun goes down.

Foursquare’s New App Is Open for Business

Foursquare launches a standalone application for local managers.

Happy Holidays, Instagram! Here, Have a Class-Action Lawsuit.

And a happy new year!

Macs Continue to Claim More Office Space