Benefits of Hot Air

When you’re dying of malaria, I suppose you’ll look up and see that balloon, and I’m not sure how it’ll help you.

Bill Gates, about Google’s plans to float broadband transmitters over Africa in hot-air balloons, in a Businessweek interview with Brad Stone

Hearst Taps Demand Media’s Bradford and Yucaipa’s Johnson to “Redefine” the San Francisco Chronicle

Can the City by the Bay finally get the newspaper it deserves?
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Actually, Amazon Paid About $150 Million for Goodreads

Um, not one billlllllllion dollars.
Dr. Evil Billion dollars

Dish Network’s Charlie Ergen Gets Real: The Full Dive Into Media Interview

A rare hour with one of the most interesting men in media.

Charlie Ergen on Dish’s Company Culture: It’s Not That We’re Mean, It’s That We’re Like an Indiana Jones Movie

The so-called meanest boss in America defends himself.

Facebook’s Newest Advertiser: Facebook

Facebook hits the billion-user milestone, and buys itself a Nike-quality TV ad to celebrate.
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I’d like to say I like change. I don’t. I came out of IBM and Wang Laboratories. Each company was on top of the world and then fell from grace. Once you’ve experienced that, and the pain that goes with it, the one thing you’re not going to do is not change.

John Chambers, to Businessweek’s Diane Brady

Do You Have a Reservation?

I didn’t realize how hard it was to run a small business.

Andrew Mason, speaking to Lauren Etter and Douglas MacMillan of Businessweek about his gig as a maitre d’ in a Chicago restaurant

How to Win a Twitter Fight

Arguing online is like wearing a sharkskin vest. You look like a jerk.

Anil Dash, in Businessweek’s How To issue

Carol Bartz Gives Some Straight-Talkin’ Advice

The former Yahoo CEO on “How to Speak Your Mind.” She’d know.