Facebook Wants to Be a Newspaper. Facebook Users Have Their Own Ideas.

It’s tough to make everyone happy. Can Facebook reconcile its high-minded design ideals with the interests of users and publishers?
Facebook News Feed Event

Like This if You Like Pandas! Facebook Says Publishers Shouldn’t Fret About News Feed Changes.

The guy who runs Facebook’s most valuable real estate explains why the company just changed its rules.

The Story of This Viral Video Will Blow Your Mind! (Please Tell Your Friends!)

How Bon Jovi got a huge hit song, 26 years after it was a huge hit song. (Spoiler: Involves Facebook.)

Quora Will Push Its Most Link-Baity Content to BuzzFeed (Though It Would Never Call It That)

Quora shares content for free in order to get BuzzFeed distribution.

Facebook Reminds Media Companies: We Still Really, Really Like You

And if you post more stuff on our site, we’ll send you a lot more traffic. A ton of traffic, actually. Ask BuzzFeed!

21 Reasons Listicles Are Here to Stay

Lists have been around since the 10 Commandments. It’s a very natural way for people to organize information.

— BuzzFeed editorial director Jack Shepherd

All the News That Fits in a 15-Second Segment: NowThisNews Tries Instagram, and the Results Are Pretty Interesting

The social/mobile video news startup experiments with very short-form video (Vine, too). They might have a winner.

Upworthy Raises $8 Million for Clickbait With a Mission

What if BuzzFeed had a political agenda? Upworthy does, and it’s doing well.

Facebook Tries Another Twitter-Like Move

More flattery from Facebook for Twitter, as the giant social network continues to act like its smaller rival. This time: Data feeds to tell the outside world what Facebook users are chatting about.

The BuzzFeed Numbers Jonah Peretti Won’t Talk About

Which are really good!
Jonah Peretti BuzzFeed