In Search of a Virtual Keyboard App

Walt Mossberg offers a suggestion to a former BlackBerry user struggling with a virtual keyboard.

News Byte

Xobni’s Jeff Bonforte Officially Running Yahoo’s Communications Products

According to his LinkedIn profile, Jeff Bonforte has been named SVP of communication products at Yahoo. An insider tipped me to the new title for the former CEO of Xobni, the maker of address-book apps and plugins which Yahoo bought in July. “I have responsibility for Yahoo Mail, Messenger, Groups, Contacts, Calendar and some other stuff,” wrote Bonforte on his profile helpfully (to me!). AllThingsD had previously reported that the well-regarded former Yahoo was likely to get just this key portfolio at Yahoo, which could certainly use his expertise.

News Byte

UpTo Picks Up $1.5M in New Funding, Opens Event Streaming Platform

UpTo, which makes an app that lets users feed event streams into their calendars, said today that Detroit Venture Partners and Ludlow Ventures had injected a fresh $1.5 million into the company. UpTo also announced that it was opening its platform to allow any business or organization to create an event stream for free.

MyTime Wants to Create a One-Stop Shopping Destination for Local Services

The company wants to be the world’s first online open appointment superstore.

The Only World-Is-Ending Video You Need to See (Hurry, Since Today’s the Day!)

Goodbye, cruel world?

OpenTable Helping Restaurants to Lift Last-Minute Reservations on the Phone

More than a quarter of OpenTable reservations are made on mobile phones today, but it could be a whole lot higher if it were easier.

Say, When Did Apple Become an Enterprise Company?

When Tim Cook rattles off a list of iPhone- and iPad-using companies, it says a lot about how far Apple has come without having a formal enterprise strategy.

Keeping Family, Sitter and Car on One Calendar

Busy families struggle to coordinate schedules among the many devices and apps they have. Yet, no single program unites all of these calendars in one place. This week, Katie tests an app that attempts to do just that.

Analyst Sees BlackBerry PlayBook Buzz Building Ahead of Rumored April Launch

RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook doesn’t yet have a firm price or launch date–though new rumors suggest it may arrive at market by mid-April–but already there is developing demand for it. According to some analysts, anyway.

PlayBook on Track for Q1 Kick-Off

GSA Goes Google

Would Facebook + Email = Gmail + Google Me?