Netflix’s Chances of a Nintendo Deal Really Were “Excellent”

Netflix already streams its flicks to the Xbox and the Playstation. So a Nintendo deal would “work out over time,” CEO Reed Hastings predicted last week. That was fast.
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CES Attendance Up

The International Consumer Electronics Show didn’t break any attendance records this year, but it did post a slight increase in visitors–which is something in a down economy.

Behind the Scenes at D@CES Event and Party (Including a Geek Chat With Punky Brewster!)

Here’s a lovely video BoomTown did behind the scenes at our interview event and after-party at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last Friday, including interviews with Cisco Flip unit head Jonathan Kaplan, Billshrink’s Peter Pham, Consumer Electronics Association head Gary Shapiro and–drum roll–former “Punky Brewster” star Soleil Moon Frye, who was there for Kodak. Yippie! Grossaroo! Holy Macanoli! Punky Power!

Yes, Palm CEO Did Say He Never Used an iPhone and More Video from D@CES Event

At All Things Digital, our crack Web staff–go, Adam!–wants you to have total access to all the video clips you want to see, so here is a handy-dandy list of quick links to all of that and more from our interview event at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas on Friday. We did sessions with Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and Google Android guru Andy Rubin. And, yes, Rubinstein did say, “Actually, I’ve never used’s the truth,” about Apple’s iPhone mobile phenom–to which I expressed complete disbelief. Here’s that video snippet for you to decide, and more!

Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin: We’re Building a Nexus One for Enterprise

In an All Things Digital event at CES 2010, Andy Rubin talked with Walt Mossberg about the mobile space, Nexus One customer service issues, and Google’s vision for the way phones should be bought and sold.
Andy Rubin

Netflix CEO Reed Hastings: We’ll Be Shipping DVDs Until 2030

The digital video revolution may be hastening the DVD toward its end, but there’s quite a bit of life left in the old format yet. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings said as much today when he remarked that the company’s DVD-by-mail business will likely continue until 2030. During a wide-ranging on-stage interview with All Things Digital’s Peter Kafka, Hastings discussed the deal Netflix cut with Warner Bros. earlier this week that will delay rentals of the studio’s films until 28 days after their DVD release and Comcast’s proposal to acquire a controlling stake in NBC Universal, a move that could impact Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming service.

Palm CEO Jon Rubinstein: I’ve Never Used an iPhone

If CES 2009 marked Palm’s rise-from-the-ashes rebirth, CES 2010 may well be the beginning of its resurgence, the inflection point at which the company really begins to gain traction in a market that nearly left it behind just two years ago. In his interview with All Things D‘s Kara Swisher, CEO Jon Rubinstein is certainly optimistic, emphasizing the role of his company’s plan and priorities in making progress toward a turnaround. In addition, the former Apple engineer didn’t miss a beat as he casually noted, “I don’t have an iPhone. I’ve never even used one.”
Jon Rubinstein

Coming Up at 3:30 PM PT: Walt and Kara Live From Las Vegas

Later this afternoon we will be live-streaming a series of three interviews with tech luminaries Reed Hastings, CEO, president and chairman of Netflix; Jon Rubinstein, chairman and CEO of Palm; and Google VP of Engineering Andy Rubin. Join us at 3:30 PM PT for streaming video and live coverage.

CES: The View From Here

It may seem like the whole crew is in Las Vegas reveling in the nightlife/nerdlife, but some of us actually stayed behind to take advantage of reliable connectivity, good coffee and natural daylight. Oh, and also to hold down the fort in case of an earthquake or other natural disaster. Now that’s some good thinking.


CES: Mark Cuban on 3-D, HD, LSD

Billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban is in Las Vegas to take a look at all the technology that’s being showcased this week at CES. He sat down with The Journal to talk about which gadgets he’s looking forward to seeing, why he thinks 2-D-to-3-D video processors are a “cheat,” and what exactly he was thinking when he compared 3-D to LSD.

Intel’s CES Chip Blitz

CES: Steve Ballmer Keynote