Lenovo’s Really Ridiculously Big-Looking Table PC to Ship in Late June

This is not a PC for ants.
Lenovo Horizon

Dish Toots Its Own Horn, Since CBS Won’t

And the New York Times is happy to help.
dish nyt ad

Three Cameras That Came Into Focus at CES

Bigger sensors, more megapixels and all the other bells and whistles meant to tear you away from your smartphone camera.

Why You’re Going to Buy a TV This Year, and What That Means for Apple, Samsung and Everyone Else

Americans are increasingly likely to swap out their old TV sets. And if that means the replacement cycle for these things is shrinking, that has big implications for Apple TV and the like.
wall of tv

Oculus Rift Virtual-Reality Headset Puts You Right in the Game

Finally, after five days at CES, some mind-blowing tech.

Things That Make You Go Hmm: CES Gets Weird

This year’s WTF items from CES 2013.

CNET Wanders Into the CBS-Dish Crossfire at CES

CNET’s reviewers liked Dish’s latest DVR. Their bosses at CBS have a different opinion. Guess how that played out?

CES Lost and Found: A Hot Spot for Hotspots and Lost Teeth

Hold on to your teeth: It’s another spin through the CES Lost and Found.

At CES, Chipmakers Go All In on Mobile

The biggest names in the processor industry all want to power your smartphones.

Phablets the New Hotness in Mobile Devices? Not So Fast.

Yes, phablets are hot at CES, but that doesn’t mean consumers are going to buy them.

Cisco Teams With AT&T on Home Security

Walmart’s Cloud Movie Service Shapes Up