Viral Video: Manti Te’o Gets the Taiwan Treatment (And That’s No Lie)

Catfished and filleted.

Post-Production on “The Hobbit” Goes Into High-Tech Rush (Video)

This unexpected journey has a lot of complex tech elements.

Viral Video: “World War Z” (As in Zombie)

The plants didn’t do the job, apparently.

Viral Video: “Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters”

Fantastic CGI exploding witches. Need I say more?

Viral Video: “Carrie” Is Back and She’s Still Pissed Off

There will be blood.

Viral Video: BBC’s Weirdly Victorious Animated Olympic Promo

The thrill of CGI, the agony of sore feet.

Viral Video: “Mirror Mirror” on the Wall, Which “Snow White” Film Is Going to Fall?

Hollywood is going to give us Snow White whether we like it or not.

Viral Video: The Fantastically Freaky CGI of “Snow White & the Huntsman”

And not one single sign of any adorkable whistling dwarves to be found.

Viral Video: “The Avengers”

Lotsa superheroes, lotsa CGI and special effects, lotsa techie gadgets. You had me at lotsa.

Viral Video: The iPhone 5 as Love Potion #9

Thank goodness it’s here, so we can move on to speculating about the iPhone 6.

Viral Video: LulzSec Gets Taiwanesed

Viral Video: Funky Penguin CGI

Viral Video: Hip "Hop"

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