YouTube Unveils Paid Subscription Channels

Google Inc.’s YouTube video service on Thursday unveiled its long-awaited paid-subscription channels, which allow some video creators to charge viewers a monthly fee to watch certain content.

YouTube’s Magic Number

The video giant is handing out pass/fail grades for its new “channels.” Here’s the most important metric to watch.
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News Byte

New Boxee TV Will Be Sold at Walmart

Boxee’s newest device, a $99 hybrid basic-cable-plus-Web-apps box that comes with a cloud DVR service, will be sold in 3,000 U.S. Walmart stores this holiday season, according to Bloomberg Businessweek. The Walmart distribution could bring some needed visibility to start-up Boxee, which sold 120,000 devices last year, and has struggled to compete with Roku and Apple TV.

Boxee Looks to Reinvent Itself with Cloud-Based DVR Box

The start-up company is putting all of its eggs into one Boxee basket.


YouTube to Double Down on Its “Channel” Experiment

For Google Inc.’s YouTube it was a $150 million experiment: Seed dozens of new video “channels” on its Web service and see what works. So far, Google likes what it sees from the eight-month effort.

YouTube’s Gigantic Year Is Already Here, Citi Says

The video site could do more than $3.6 billion this year, says Mark Mahaney — regardless of whether its “channel” strategy works.
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Content Is No Longer King

“Content is king” has been a long-lived mantra of media. And in the 1990s and early 2000s, it was true.

Disney’s YouTube Deal Kicks In, So Free Kids’ TV Starts Showing Up

Google wants to build a TV competitor, but it’s happy to run good old-fashioned TV, too, if Hollywood wants to play along. Disney antes up.

How to Make Web Video That Looks Like TV: Make Web Video About a TV Show

A show about rock-star food dude Anthony Bourdain’s show. A whole lot cheaper than making the show itself.
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Warner Music’s YouTube Channel Is Not Not the Anti-Vevo

So what is it? Hard to say.
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How to Win at YouTube

Roku Plays Nice With Cable Guys