Kilroy Checked In Here

… with social media people take pictures of what they’ve done or what they’ve seen. It’s much more instantaneous.

Lorna Lange, the spokeswoman for Joshua Tree, believes the cause of a recent rise in vandalism on public land is social media

Check Off Another Check-In Company: Dijit Buys Miso

Probably a feature, not a business.
wall of tv

News Byte

Facebook Continues Testing Free Wi-Fi With Cafe Partners

Facebook is in the midst of a small program with a handful of cafes in the San Francisco and Silicon Valley areas. In the program, first noticed by Inside Facebook, Facebook provides its partner cafes with free routers, and customers check in to the business on Facebook in order to access the Internet. The service is being tested inside Philz Coffee in San Francisco, according to Hunter Walk, as well as a handful of Palo Alto cafes.

GetGlue + Viggle Is a Big Bet Based on Small Numbers

The merger math says GetGlue’s TV check-in users are worth about $70 each.

To Combat Creepiness, WhosHere Launches In-App Video Chat

When you’re ready to take it to the next level — visual contact.


Foursquare Joins the Coupon Craze

Foursquare doesn’t want to be another popular — but unprofitable — social network. Its new plan to make money? Personalized coupons.

News Byte

Foursquare’s Business Verification Service Checks You Out Before Checking You In

Foursquare launched a new online verification service on Tuesday, allowing businesses to sign up for the company’s partner toolkit — which includes real-time analytics and loyalty program options — faster than previously possible. For a one-time $10 fee, partners can verify that they are indeed a legitimate local business that potential customers can find on Foursquare and visit in meatspace. Before Tuesday’s launch, businesses were forced to verify themselves the old-school way — via snail mail.

So What Exactly Can Location Aggregators Do With Our Foursquare Data?

Foursquare says Banjo and Sonar can aggregate users’ location data, but Girls Around Me couldn’t. What’s the difference?
girls around me

Checking In With the Foursquare Founder Parting: More “Tense” (Of Course)

Breaking up is hard to do, especially at start-ups.

Google Latitude Adds Check-Ins (How 2009!)

Meebo Finishes Series D at $27.5M

Dennis Crowley Live at Dive Into Mobile