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Apple Settles Class-Action Suit Over Kids’ In-App Spending

Parents of children who racked up oversized iTunes App Store bills via unauthorized in-app purchases, Apple is ready to compensate you for your troubles. The company this week began contacting members of a class-action suit that claimed its in-app purchase policy failed to prevent children from overspending on their parents’ accounts. Under the terms of the settlement, Apple will offer eligible class members a $5 iTunes gift card, an account credit, or, for claims over $30, a cash payment.

Happy Holidays, Instagram! Here, Have a Class-Action Lawsuit.

And a happy new year!

Apple Ordered to Produce Documents in Suit Over iPhone Location Data

Another legal headache for Apple.

Antennagate Ends, With a $15 Settlement

Our long national nightmare, kaput.
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The Yahoo Lawsuits Begin: Put the Non-Blabby Deals in Your PIPE and Smoke It

Well, that didn’t take long, did it?

Law Firm Won’t Pursue SuperPoke Pets Shutdown Class Action Suit Against Google

Avid users of Slide’s SuperPoke Pets yelled, begged and left angry blog comments, but so far no law firm wants to represent them in a class action lawsuit.

You've Got Labor Problems, Again! AOL's HuffPo Gripe Seems Very Familiar.

The good news for angry HuffPo bloggers who want to get paid for their unpaid work: AOL volunteers made the same argument during Bubble 1.0 and ended up winning! The bad news: It took a lawsuit, and more than a decade, to extract the cash. (And the HuffPo writers may not have a case, anyway.)


Suit to Snuff Out "History Sniffing" Takes Aim at Tracking Web Users

A lawsuit filed Friday for alleged use of “history sniffing,” a method for surreptitiously detecting what websites a person has visited, is the latest to take aim at technologies that harvest Internet users’ personal information.

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Google Settles Buzz Suit

In the end Buzz, Google’s ill-starred, privacy-violating social networking service, proved more of a public relations burden than a financial one. The company on Tuesday settled the class action suit brought against it, for its foolish decision to use Buzz to transform our private Gmail address books into public social networks, by agreeing to establish an $8.5 million fund for Internet privacy education and policy.

Intel Wins Key Antitrust Ruling

DOJ Rachets Up Microhoo Review

What's Wrong With iPhone 3G?