YouTube Says It Will Start Cleaning Up Its Comments — And Making Them More Personal

The world’s biggest video site doesn’t always get the world’s most thoughtful commenters. Maybe this will help.
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Newsle and Nuzzel Deliver Social News Without the Clutter

Prefer to get your news from social media, but can’t stand all the personal status updates and frivolous tweets? Try these two sites.

News Byte

Google+ Expands Comments System to Blogger

Google+, the social arm of the search giant, announced Thursday that it will bring the Google+ commenting system to Blogger blogs, allowing users to respond to blog posts via their Google+ accounts. Comments can be made publicly for anyone to view, or may be shared privately to a user’s Circles. Facebook also has a commenting platform, which extends to a large number of sites across the Web.

Introducing Livefyre Commenting at AllThingsD

Change is hard, but commenting has never been easier.
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Reader Comments

At first I thought it would fun to debate you, but then I realized I would just get bored.

Blake Krikorian, in response to Robert X. Cringely’s Jan. 1 post, “In the Land of the Blind Krikorian Could Become King”

Facebook and Instagram to Crack Down on Insta-Spam

The photo-sharing service aims to do away with the crummy comments that populate the space beneath its photos.

The Future of Disqus Aims at Better Discovery (Trolls Not Welcome)

Disqus wants to be more than just another comment platform. Step one: Community-building.

Goodbye, Trolls? Google Brings Social Identity to “Play” Web Store.

Civility now! (We hope.)

With an Eye for Social, Disqus Gets a Makeover

A new look for the comment moderation platform.
Disqus co-founder and CEO Daniel Ha

WordPress, Tumblr and Facebook: Threading Social Through the Blogosphere

As blogging platforms mature, social becomes a key element in success.