Sony’s First TV Ad for the PlayStation 4 Is Basically “Testosterone, the Musical!”

Sword fights! Car crashes! Explosions! Lou Reed!
ps4 ad 2

First Xbox One TV Ad Shows Off TV Integration, Not Games. But Will It Click?

The reasons Microsoft thinks non-gamers will buy an Xbox One, in 13 seconds.
Screen Shot 2013-09-05 at 3.48.25 PM

Facebook’s New Phone Commercial Is Even Weirder Than the Last

Just watch it.

Demand Media Finally Breaks Away for Good From Lance Armstrong

The race is not always to the swift.

Ahead of Wii U Launch, Nintendo Shows “How U Will Play Next”

With only 16 days to go, here come the new Wii U commercials.

Viral Video: The Scott-Also-Isn’t-Sorry-for-Posting-These iPad Mini Spoofs

Let’s also lay the whole Ping debacle on the former software head.

Facebook Commercial Gets Flushed (You Knew This Was Coming)

Facebook is like a lot of places we sit. A throne, for example.

GoGo Goes for IPO

Google Renews Firefox Search Royalty Deal