Google’s Hopes of EU Settlement Suffer Blow

Google Inc.’s hopes of settling its high-profile antitrust case in the European Union suffered a setback Thursday as rivals and consumer groups publicly blasted its latest proposal for resolving the EU’s competition concerns.

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New FCC Boss Tom Wheeler Says He Represents the People, Not the Tech Industry (Interview)

The new FCC head addresses worries that his days as a cable- and wireless-industry lobbyist would make him more interested in industry concerns than in fighting for consumers’ rights.

Dear Kiwis, Lesson of the Day: Never Turn Your Back on Larry Ellison

The winds gods have spoken.
Team Oracle crosses the finish line.

Instagram Isn’t Killing Vine’s Growth (Not Yet, at Least)

Instagram may have scale, but studies suggest that the mammoth photo- and video-sharing service hasn’t snipped Twitter’s Vine.

Silver Lake Abandons Hulu Purchase Effort, as Final Bidding Deadline Arrives Today

The longest-running and noisiest sale of all time move to the final bidding stages.


A New Europe for Telecoms?

Neelie Kroes, the European Union’s commissioner in charge of telecoms, doesn’t shy away from a scrap.

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The telecom giant might be bellying up to the premium video service bar.