Amazon Job Descriptions Hint at More Perks Coming to Prime

First, Amazon Prime offered free two-day shipping for $79. Then it started offering add-on services for no additional cost, like streaming videos and Kindle books. What’s next?
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AT&T Chief Sees Divestitures in T-Mobile Deal

AT&T Inc. Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said he expects some divestiture of customers and wireless spectrum as the company marches through the approval process to close its acquisition of T-Mobile USA.

Sony's Music Service Comes to the U.S., Still Won't Work on the Go

Sony’s “Music Unlimited” costs the same $10 a month as its competitors, and gives you unlimited music on demand, just like its competitors. Unlike its competitors, it won’t let you take your music with you. What’s wrong with this picture?

Ball Gag Starting to Look Like a Good Idea for Google CEO

Eric Schmidt recently joked in a tweet that he was stepping down as Google CEO because the company’s younger co-founders no longer needed “adult supervision.” Or wanted it–at least not the kind that Schmidt’s been offering recently, which was on display once again today in yet another PR gaffe.

What’s on the Table for Tablets This Year

Walt on the road map ahead for the many tablet computers expected out this year.
Xoom Tablet

Collecta: Another Real-time Search Engine Bites the Dust

Los Angeles-based start-up Collecta has shuttered its real-time search business, including a destination site, API and publisher widgets. The company follows OneRiot, Ellerdale and other competitors that have hightailed away from indexing status updates from social services, which a couple of years ago had seemed like an enormous opportunity.

Want to Cut Your Cord? The NBC U-Comcast Deal Won't Make It Easier

If you were hoping that the government restrictions on the NBC U-Comcast deal would make it easier for you to stop paying for cable, you’re out of luck. The government is forcing the new company to offer its stuff to online outlets like Netflix and iTunes. But it won’t happen in the way that cord cutters would like. If it happens at all.

What’s In Store for Technology in 2011

Walt looks at the products and competitive positions of key contenders as they enter a new year.

Verizon 4G Network to Launch Sunday

Verizon Wireless announced on Wednesday that it will launch its 4G network on Sunday in 38 markets across the United States.

A Sheriff for Web Ads Gets $10 Million

Stroker Acer