IBM and Nvidia Team Up on Supercomputing and Servers

Coming soon: GPU chips in more Big Blue hardware.

BlackRock May Be Voting Against Dell Buyout Plan

Another big shareholder may have come out against the plan to take the company private.

Cisco Aims to Wake Up Sleepy Brand With New Campaign

A networking giant tries to reinvigorate a brand that has seen better days.

News Byte

Computing Pioneer Ada Lovelace Gets Deserved Google Doodle

Google does commemorative logos — called Google Doodles — pretty regularly now. But today, it’s a much-deserved tip-of-the-pen to celebrate the 197th birthday of Ada Lovelace, a woman who is one of computing’s earliest pioneers. She was a collaborator of Charles Babbage, designer of the ground-breaking mechanical computers — which he never actually built — the Difference Engine and the Analytical Engine. Lovelace’s notes on the Analytical Engine are considered to be among the first algorithms created; she also theorized about the larger potential of computers beyond mathematics, including to make music. All that with just a quill and some paper.

Talking Brains and Immortality With Ray Kurzweil and Juan Enriquez (Video)

Imagine your brain in the cloud. Any questions?

Have Internet, Will Travel: Ugandan Woman Brings Computing to the Rural Masses (Video)

Asia Kamukama encountered plenty of obstacles in her quests to get an education and bring computing to rural villages. But only after traveling to D: Dive Into Mobile did she encounter her first hurricane.

Happy 100th Birthday, Alan Turing. Love, Silicon Valley.

Silicon Valley certainly owes a lot to the famed British codebreaker and math genius.

Seven Questions for Cisco Systems CEO John Chambers

In an AllThingsD interview, Cisco Systems’ CEO talks about the company’s turnaround, the hurdles ahead and how badly he wants to bring his company’s cash home.

HP’s Itanium Business Is Like “Remake of ‘Weekend At Bernie’s’”

In a new filing in the Itanium lawsuit, Oracle accuses Hewlett-Packard and Intel of a secret plan “to keep a dead microprocessor alive.”

Shares of “Flash Madness Club” Founder Fusion-io Speed Up

Shares in Fusion-io surged by more than 9 percent today. Shares have doubled since its debut five months ago, but it hasn’t been the smoothest ride.

Time Not On Nokia's Side

Nokia: Big and Slow

One in Five to Own Tablet by 2014, Poll Finds