Xbox One Matches PS4’s First-Day Console Sales … And Reports of Defects

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.
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Bill Gates Thinks Mark Zuckerberg Needs to Prioritize

Hmm, which is more important, connectivity or malaria vaccine? If you think connectivity is the key thing, that’s great. I don’t.

— Bill Gates, talking to the Financial Times in an interview that is chiefly about efforts to defeat diseases in the developing world, a little bit about Microsoft, with a dash of disdain for Mark Zuckerberg’s plans to wire the globe

With Parents in Mind, WebCurfew Blocks Wi-Fi From Router to Kids’ Devices

A new way to pull eyes away from the screen and toward the dinner table.

For Some Fledgling Connected Gadgets, Privacy Considerations Come After the Fact

Excited about a cool new gadget on a crowdfunding site? Consider how the company approaches privacy, too.

Exclusive: Microsoft’s Xbox Head Don Mattrick Leaving to Take Top Role — Possibly CEO — At Zynga

A very big hire for the troubled online gaming giant.

Google’s Plan to Use Balloons to Blanket the World in Bandwidth

An idea to finally make the Internet truly global.

Viral Video: Silent Night, Holy Night on SNL

What is there to say, really? So the voices of angels sing.

Hurricane Sandy Broke Only 10 Percent of New York Area’s Internet

It’s a lot, but it could have been worse.

Don't Rain on Microsoft's Ad Parade (Except It's Raining in Seattle, Natch!)

BoomTown scrambled the All Things Digital jet (aka, United Airlines, Seat 7A) late last night to get up to Microsoft’s big event for its online advertising clients today. Called “Imagine 2011: Marketing Leadership Summit” and held at its Redmond, Wa. HQ, the two-day event is designed to wow peeps by trotting out a spate of strategery concepts those who buy advertising on Microsoft’s various digital offerings from its Bing search service to MSN to Xbox to Windows Phone 7.

iPad Wi-Fi Woes?