Twitter Tweaks Its Welcome Screen to Better Explain Itself

A subtle set of changes on Twitter’s front door make for a simpler explanation of the service.
Twitter Homepage New

Apple to Samsung: Sorry We Called Your iPad Copy a Copy

Sorry always seems to be the hardest word …

Two Budget-Friendly Printers You Won’t Want to Throw Out the Window

Printers are normally a source of frustration. Here are two that keep it simple but still get the job done.

Liveblogging Demand Media's Q1 Earnings: Perky Perfecting!

Today, after Demand Media beat Wall Street expectations, its cheerful execs got on the horn with investors to explain how it plans to beat the Panda. That would be the beastly name for Google’s rejiggering of its search algorithm, in order to rid search results of poor quality content. BoomTown liveblogged the event, of course.

With Update Delays, Can Windows Phone Gain Ground on Google, Apple?

In the time since Microsoft released the first version of Windows Phone 7 last fall, Apple has managed to roll out a new version of the iPad as well as two updates to the operating system that powers the iPhone and iPad. Google has introduced both Gingerbread for Android phones and Honeycomb for Android tablets. In that same time, Redmond has been struggling to get out just one rather modest feature update.

Microsoft Offers Apology for Windows Phone Upgrade Slowness

Microsoft’s efforts to update Windows Phone 7 have proven a bit challenging on both the communications and technical fronts. In a posting on Microsoft’s developer site, vice president Joe Belfiore apologizes and pledges to both communicate and execute better in the future.

Microsoft Delays Arrival of Copy and Paste for Windows Phone; Now Due Late March

The company confirms the first notable update to Windows Phone 7, originally slated for the first two weeks of March, has been delayed until late this month.

Microsoft’s First Windows Phone 7 Update Encounters Several Glitches

Redmond encounters several problems in its first attempt to update Windows Phone 7 devices. And these problems have come in an update that doesn’t even add features. This update is designed merely to get the phones ready for an update, expected later this month, that adds copy and paste, along with performance improvements and better search from within the Windows Marketplace.

Atrix 4G: Faux Laptop With a Phone For Brains

Walt reviews the Motorola Atrix 4G Android smart phone, which acts as the brains of a small laptop device.

"Beyond the Search Box": The White Pleather Honeypot Smackdown

Perusing AOL’s leaked damn-the-journalism-full-speed-ahead business plan, BoomTown was a little late to the Microsoft Bing event this morning called “Farsight: Beyond the Search Box.” But things had certainly been cooking with gas when I walked into the meeting room at the University of San Francisco, including allegations of cheating, honeypot stings and a whole lot of insulting of the hosts. Schweeet!

Working With AirPrint

Windows Phone 7 Update Is No iPhone Killer

Palm Throws in the Towel on iTunes Synch

What Book Will Amazon Delete Next?

iPhone 3.0. It’s Finally Here

iPhone 3.0 @ 10 am PDT, 1 pm EDT