Clinging to Outlook, Only 25 Percent of Yahoo Employees Willing to Eat Mail “Dogfood” (Best Memo Ever!)

According to Yahoo Comms head, for those circling the hippocampian wagons of amygdalian resistance: Hold on a sec, pilgrim. No, really.

Opening New Windows

“This is going to be the first time in a decade and half that [companies are] actually going to have to teach someone to use Windows.”

Stephen Kleynhans, a Gartner Inc. analyst, quoted by The Wall Street Journal

Yahoo TV and Omg! Head Moves to Young Hollywood

The Beverly Hills-based next-gen media start-up named Liz Coughlin SVP of business operations, overseeing new business initiatives and all digital operations.
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News Byte

Mayer Lures Google Deals Lawyer to Yahoo

According to several sources, Yahoo has hired Google senior corporate counsel James Loftus to work on deals for the Silicon Valley Internet giant. Loftus has been at the search giant since 2009 as an M&A attorney, and worked on the acquisition of Zagat, an acquisition that was spearheaded by former Google exec Marissa Mayer, who is now Yahoo CEO. Loftus will report to Jackie Reses, who runs HR, as well as corporate and business development.

Exclusive: Yahoo’s Mayer Aiming for Twitter’s Stanton for Big Media Role

Can the new CEO entice her old employee (and former Yahoo Finance kingpin) to come join her in remaking the troubled Silicon Valley Internet giant?

Airbnb Hires CFO and HR Head in Effort to Grow Senior Team

The vacation-rentals start-up bulks up its senior staff.

CIOs to Tablets: It’s Business Time

The consumerization of IT is in full swing.

It’s Official: Yahoo Reorgs Itself Just Like We Said (Memo Time!)

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson just sent this note to Yahoo employees, about a new leadership organization for the company.


Silence of the Lambs: The Missing Voice of Authors in the SOPA Debate

The recent mainstream media frenzy surrounding the Stop Online Piracy Act is perhaps most notable for the voice that is absent in the debate: The individual creator of intellectual property.

LinkedIn: Have a Creative, Dynamic, Problem-Solving New Year

Ah, corporate buzzwords. They’re enough to kill the forward-looking momentum in any strategic, synergistic meeting. And yet they’re used all the time in LinkedIn profiles.
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Yahoo Bored Meeting? Not This Time!

It's Business Time for Apple's iPad

Hearsay Brings Compliance to Social Media