Facebook Scores $3 Million Win in Spammer Lawsuit

A small legal victory for Facebook in an ongoing anti-spam case.

International Trade Commission Bans Certain Samsung Products, Saying Some Apple Patents Were Violated

However, it was a split ruling, with the agency finding no violations with regard to four other patents.
Apple v Samsung collage


Apple, Samsung in Renewed Settlement Talks, but Deal Elusive

Apple Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co. have held a series of private negotiations about their numerous patent disputes since a court victory by Apple in one case last summer, according to legal documents and people familiar with the situation.

Do Not Stop at Go

In this case, Mr. Kohler failed to meet his obligations and failed to honor the direction of this court. My hope is that he will use his time in jail to reflect upon his behavior.

— Oregon Judge Dennis Graves, who sent a juror to jail for two days for texting during a trial

Judge to Apple and Samsung: So How Does All This End?

Judge Lucy Koh suggested to Apple and Samsung that it is time for some sort of peace treaty, but neither combatant showed signs of backing down.

Yahoo Ordered to Pay $2.7 Billion (Yes, Billion) by Mexican Court

A standoff.

Apple to Samsung: Sorry We Called Your iPad Copy a Copy

Sorry always seems to be the hardest word …

Zynga Files Suit Against Former Staffer, Claiming Theft of Trade Secrets

The complaint was filed in court on Friday against Alan Patmore, the former general manager of CityVille, who left the company to join crosstown rival Kixeye.

What, Me Worry? Google Finally Reacts to AppSung Verdict (And I Translate It).

Translation: The search giant is worried.

Samsung Shares Plunge After Patents Verdict

Shares of Samsung Electronics Co. fell sharply Monday, with analysts saying the company’s loss in its court battle against Apple Inc. in the U.S. increases uncertainty over the South Korean company’s future products.

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