Verizon’s LTE Map Is Nearly Complete, but All Four Major Carriers Are Starting to Fill in the Dots

These days, the coverage picture is different than the one painted by Verizon’s ads.
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Cellphone Customers Have at Least a Couple Reasons to Smile

Fewer cellphone calls are being dropped and data speeds are on the rise as all the major carriers expand their LTE networks.

Interview: Bill Gates Talks About Tech Innovations for Vaccines Ahead of Global Confab

Solve this: One child every 20 seconds dies from a disease that could have been prevented by an existing vaccine.

For Apple, Fighting DOMA and Prop. 8 Is More Than Business as Usual

Apple speaks out on marriage equality issues.

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Yahoo Edges in on Olympics Coverage With Second-Screen Campaign

Fresh on the heels of Facebook’s disclosed partnership with NBC to cover the Olympic Games, Yahoo announced Wednesday it will offer connected TV and second-screen experiences to complement NBC’s Olympics coverage. Much like Facebook’s pitch, Yahoo’s plan is to push consumers to use Yahoo’s connected apps — like its social Hub for tablets and phones, as well as the Yahoo TV app — while watching the games on live TV.


Phone Deals Dial Up Coverage Problems

AT&T Inc.’s hopes of salvaging its $39 billion acquisition of T-Mobile USA and heading off a long court battle now rest with its ability to come up with a package of divestitures that might convince the Justice Department to drop its objections to the merger.

On The Verge of a New Tech Site, Which Finally Debuts

Tonight at 1 am PT, techies who have nothing else to do — that would be me! — can click onto a brand new tech site called The Verge.
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Who’s to Blame for Yahoo’s Q2 Revenue Rout? The Line Forms Around Back…

What happened to Yahoo revenue? Display sales in the U.S. gets the blame this quarter. While coming up with a new thing to blame for Q3, Yahoo execs try to explain it all for you.

Godspeed on That Investing Thing, Yertle–But I Still Have Some Questions for Your Boss, Arianna

Would it surprise you to know that BoomTown doesn’t really care anymore if TechCrunch editor Michael Arrington sidelines as a blogger while he makes investments in tech companies his tech news site covers? Especially after reading his post yesterday that made a good argument about who he is and, frankly, who he has always been. But that does not mean his boss, AOL content head Arianna Huffington, doesn’t have some ‘splainin’ to do.

Yahoo Focuses on Tentpole Events With New Head

At least one thing in yesterday’s lackluster first-quarter earnings report for Yahoo that got its Microsoft-search-bashing CEO Carol Bartz excited was the Silicon Valley Internet giant’s traffic gusher for big tentpole events such as the Super Bowl and the Oscars. There will be more of that, it seems, with the elevation of Yahoo exec Sam Silverstein as head of its special events coverage. Sources said it will be a major area of emphasis, given obvious advertiser interest.