Target Says PIN Numbers Among Data Stolen in Breach

They were still encrypted, the store says.

Square Discontinues Monthly Flat-Rate Plan

The company says that the plan, designed for large businesses, was actually hindering growth for some of them.

Adobe Discloses Security Breach Affecting Nearly Three Million Customers

Also taken: Source code.

Swrve Says It Can Help Developers Dodge Fake Purchases Made by App Pirates

Developers “need to know whether they’re attracting great-looking pirates or mediocre-looking real users.”

True Link Financial Aims to Fight Senior Credit Scams

The card and fraud blocker are set up online by a verified, trusted family member.


Discover Pushes PayPal’s In-Store Service as First Data Holds Out

Discover Financial Services is making headway in its efforts to bring eBay Inc.’s online-payments service to physical retailers, even as one of the country’s largest merchant processors has opted not to support the service.


Square’s “Business in a Box” Offers a Digital Register for $300

It’s already pretty straightforward to set up a Square account, but the company wants to streamline the process of registering with its app even further.


Why Credit Card Companies Need Some Madison Avenue Style

Facing major competitors in the mobile wallet and offers business, credit card companies need to figure out how to leverage their relationships with consumers.


2013: The Year Payments Finally Emerge From the Dark Ages?

The mobile payment revolution isn’t just about giving customers a trendy new way to pay.

Groupon Expands Square-Like Mobile Payments Service to Android

What continues to stand out about Groupon’s mobile payments service is its price.
Groupon Payments on Android