Will Sales of the Nintendo 3DS Surprise?

The Nintendo 3DS, which allows players to see 3-D images without special glasses, will go on sale in the U.S. on Sunday for $250. Early signs indicate that the game units will fly off the shelves.

CTIA Notebook: Mobilized Meets the Muggles at Universal Orlando

It wasn’t all work and no play in Orlando. While there was plenty of news at the show–not to mention AT&T’s pre-show bombshell–Mobilized did manage to make a detour to Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

CTIA Notebook: While Most Phones are Getting Smarter, Snapfon Aims for Simplicity (Video)

While most phones are busy becoming little computers, the Snapfon prides itself on doing just a couple of things. With big buttons and an SOS help feature, the product is aimed at seniors who view their phone as a lifeline rather than an on-ramp to the information superhighway.

Relax, Android Tablet Makers Can Still Get Google’s Honeycomb

A move to delay the release of Honeycomb’s source code won’t stop the flow of new tablets, but it does mean that those with other plans for the OS will have to wait a while. Plus, the move also highlights that when it comes to the timing of Android releases, it is all in Google’s hands.

Rubber Stamp Unlikely for AT&T-Mobile

The Federal Communications Commission hasn’t yet begun to evaluate AT&T’s proposed acquisition of T-Mobile USA, but according to officials, regulatory approval of the $39 billion deal is anything but a sure thing.

CTIA Notebook: So Where Were You When the ATT News Hit?

It’s the topic of conversation and the subject whose name dare not be spoken. Overarching everything at the Orlando trade show is AT&T’s plan to buy T-Mobile USA, yet at the same time, few seem to have much to say.

Expedia Lays Out Travel Plans for Mobile; Hotel Booking Is First

Expedia flew all the way to Orlando today to make a big splash at CTIA about its upcoming plans for the mobile space.

Boingo Aims to Make it Easier to Find Wi-Fi Hotspots–Even Free Ones

In the past, Boingo’s software pointed people only to its paid Wi-Fi hotspots. A new release, though, will show free locations as well.

Sprint Unveils 4G Tablet and a Phone Capable of 3-D Viewing Without Glasses

Shrugging off the news that AT&T and T-Mobile would merge to create the largest wireless carrier in the country, Sprint showed up at CTIA in Orlando to show off two very competitive new devices: a 4G tablet and a smartphone capable of displaying 3-D images without the need for special glasses.

Samsung Introduces 8.9- and 10.1-Inch Galaxy Tabs Coming This Summer

Samsung wants customers to have a choice, and to that end, it unveiled two new tablets today at CTIA in Orlando, including two insanely thin 8.9-inch and 10.1-inch devices.

Sprint, Verizon Diverge in Reaction to ATT-T-Mobile Deal

Speaking at CTIA 2011, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse reiterates his concern about the proposed deal, while Verizon Wireless CEO Dan Mead says his company won’t be “distracted.” Verizon, he notes, was built through acquisitions.

ATT, Verizon and Sprint Face Off at CTIA

The AT&Terminator: Rise of Ma Bell