“Cyber Monday” Sales Up 21 Percent, IBM Reports

Online sales on “Cyber Monday” rose 21 percent, driven by strong growth in mobile sales, International Business Machines Corp. said, though the day’s growth rate continued to slow as retailers unveiled discounts earlier into the shopping season.

Motorola Hits Redial After Website Glitches Hang Up $349 Moto X Cyber Monday Deal

The company now says it will offer twice as many devices at the sale price, with the offer due to be made available on Wednesday at noon ET, and again next Monday.


Three 2012 Holiday Online Shopping Trends to Follow in 2013

Typical peak shopping days such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Christmas Eve morphed into a week-long phenomenon.

Google Should Thank Holiday Shoppers for Boosting Cost Per Click

There’s clear evidence that holiday shoppers helped boost one of the company’s key metrics in the fourth quarter.

Online Holiday Spending Up 16 Percent, According to ComScore

Cyber Monday still rules.

The Prime Reason Why Amazon’s Sales May Be Falling Behind This Holiday

Amazon’s peak spending days may occur even closer to Christmas this year, as more customers sign-up for its free two-day shipping program.

Twitter, Facebook and Those Ugly IBM Statistics

Waiting for someone to debunk IBM’s “Twitter and Facebook generated almost no retail traffic” stats? Keep waiting.
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Cyber Monday Spending Hits $1.5 Billion, Shatters U.S. Record

Cyber Monday spending hit $1.5 billion in the U.S. to make it the biggest shopping day in history, according to comScore, which tracks purchases made on computers using broadband connections. The firm reports that on Cyber Monday, which falls on the Monday after Thanksgiving, spending was up 17 percent year over year, and that overall, e-commerce spending for the first 26 days of the holiday season has totaled $16.4 billion, a 16 percent increase over last year. ComScore does not include purchases made over mobile devices, which by one account is estimated to be contributing as much as 13 percent of sales this season.

On Cyber Monday, Mobile — Not Social — Takes All the Glory

There’s no contest: So far this season, mobile has generated 13 percent of online holiday sales, whereas, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter have contributed virtually zero.


Amazon Taps Bond Market for First Time in 15 Years

Amazon appears to be taking advantage of low interest rates to build its cash reserves.

Groupon Stock Now Half Off