Durango on the Horizon: Here’s What’s Interesting About Microsoft’s New Xbox

A preview of things to come at today’s Xbox: A New Generation Revealed event.

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Microsoft Will Unveil New Xbox May 21

Microsoft will show off its next-generation Xbox videogame console at its Redmond, Wash., campus on May 21, according to invitations sent to reporters today. The Verge previously reported that the new Xbox, code-named Durango, will interact with owners’ cable boxes. Microsoft’s Nancy Tellem and Yusuf Mehdi shared numbers about its current living room fixture, the seven-year-old Xbox 360, at D: Dive Into Media in February.

Why Can’t This Breathtaking Game Get Funded on Kickstarter? (Update: Funded!)

Throw Trucks With Your Mind promises to turn gamers into Jedi … if it can raise enough dough, and fast.


I think the outside world is more obsessed with our relationship with Apple than we actually are.

— Samsung Executive Vice President David Eun, in conversation at D: Dive Into Media

Dish Network Makes $5.15 Billion Offer for Clearwire

Sprint, which owns most of Clearwire, calls the offer “illusory.”

More Heavy Hitters Sign On to D: Dive Into Media 2013 — HBO’s Kessler, Live Nation’s Rapino Join the Cast

The biggest names in concerts and pay TV are joining us at our media conference in February. See you there.
dive into media kessler rapino

Announcing D: Dive Into Media 2013, Featuring Google, Facebook, Sony, Hearst and More

Dive Media 2012 was a blast, so we’re coming back in February: Watch the most powerful and interesting minds in media grapple with the future, in a spectacular setting.

Announcing Our New Conferences: Dive Into Mobile and Dive Into Media

You want even more D? You got it: Check us out in New York in October and Southern California next February.

Coliloquy Steams Up Interactive E-Books (Video)

The digital book start-up is trying all sorts of interesting things. But a judicious dose of sex should get your attention — it certainly did at D: Dive Into Media last week.

Coliloquy’s Active Publishing Platform Lets Readers Create Designer Heroines (Demo)

When we were kids, cutting-edge publishing technology was pretty much limited to “choose your own adventure” books. Coliloquy, demoing at D: Dive Into Media, offers a little more interactivity.