In-Depth With Siri: The Full Demo From the D7 Conference (Plus an Old-School Bonus)

Even back in 2009, Siri’s machine learning-assisted software was pretty compelling. Here’s a video of the whole product demo, plus what Apple thought the voice assistant product would look like in 1987.
Siri voice assistant

Mark Cuban Beats the SEC: Judge Tosses Insider-Trading Case

A federal judge has dismissed the Securities and Exchange Commission’s insider-trading case against Mark Cuban, the AP reports. Astonishingly, Cuban has yet to say anything about this on his blog or his Twitter account. But I assume that will be rectified shortly.

Twitter’s a Big Baby! Apple iPhone’s AT&T Problem! MySpace’s Blues! No One’s Gonna Pay for This Blog! We Went Poll-Crazy at D7

Hey, politicians aren’t the only ones who get to do fancy polls! Walt and I had a bunch of them about a variety of tech topics that we pulled out to ambush, ooops, pose to speakers at our seventh D: All Things Digital conference last week, which we commissioned from Penn, Schoen & Berland Associates. Check our our lovely graphs here.

Hulu: Watch Our Shows on a Big Screen, but not on a TV

Want to watch the season finale of “30 Rock” for free, whenever you want, on a big screen? Go for it, says Hulu–just don’t watch it on a TV. Confused? Of course. So was I when I checked out Hulu’s new “Desktop” app, launched today as part of the video service’s new “Labs” collection of experimental offerings. Basically, it’s downloadable software that makes it easier than ever to watch Hulu’s shows and clips in the same way that you’d watch TV–on your sofa, remote in hand. But Hulu wants to make sure you don’t actually think it replaces TV.

D7 Multimedia: News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch, Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher

Rupert Murdoch took the stage Tuesday evening to the strains of “Stayin’ Alive” to open the seventh edition of the D: All Things Digital conference. Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher followed, setting the theme for D7–“There’s an app for that!”

Golf at D7

The second annual golf tournament at D7 kicked off today on the greens of the Four Seasons Resort Aviara Golf Club in Carlsbad, Calif. Overcast weather did nothing to dampen spirits: Silicon Valley heads and other conference participants had a chance to show off their A-game, as well as their, shall we say, more playful sides when not in competition. The photos will explain more than words ever can.

Off to D7: The More Things Change, the More They, Well, Are A-Changin’

BoomTown will be driving the minivan–packed with my assistant Ed, my mom, two mannequins (don’t ask), a coffee machine and lots of coffee and some very nice outfits–down to the seventh D: All Things Digital conference today, so don’t expect much in the way of posts from me. Thus, I hope Twitter doesn’t sell to [fill in the blank], Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz and Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer don’t agree to agree (until they are on the D stage next week) and Facebook’s valuation doesn’t ricochet up and down the blog-hyped scale once again. But the rest of the well-oiled All Things Digital machine will be in full force covering tech and media news, even as we gear up for the big event next week, which will feature pretty much all the major players in the digital space.