Windows 8’s Answer to the Mac App Store Comes Into Focus Tuesday

Microsoft plans to offer up more details on the built-in marketplace that will be part of Windows 8. Here are the key questions expected to be answered at this week’s San Francisco event.

Missed the Emmys (and “Mad Men” + Jane Lynch)? YouTube Has You Covered. (Video)

Would have been even better if Alec Baldwin had been there, too, but we’ll take what we can get. Bonus: Many disclosures!
mad men emmy

Windows 8 Gets Ready for Its Big Debut

After giving a sneak peek at D9, Microsoft is ready to make its big reveal at a developer conference in Anaheim next week.

Inkling Raises $17M for Digital Textbooks

Inkling, the San Francisco-based maker of interactive iPad textbooks, has raised $17 million in Series B funding. See the cool D9 demo video.

How to Charge Your iPhone Over the Air: uBeam’s D9 Demo (Video)

Technology gives us miraculous smartphones, tablets and other wondergadgets, but none of them will do a thing if they don’t have an electric charge to power them. uBeam wants to tackle that problem in a novel way: It says it will let gadget owners power up their devices over the air, without ever plugging into an electric charger or any kind of docking station.
ubeam demo

News Byte

Attention D9 Attendees: Unplug That Pogoplug

We don’t normally post recall notices to AllThingsD, but this one might be of special interest to readers who attended our D9 conference earlier this month. Pogoplug is recalling its Pogoplug Video device for potential overheating problems, and if you were at D9, you received one in your schwag bag.

Apple’s Lion and Microsoft’s Windows 8 Both Show Mobile’s Influence

With their next computer operating systems, both Microsoft and Apple are trying to capture the best of mobile operating systems and bring it to desktops and laptops. However, the two have honed in on different aspects of what makes a mobile OS great.
Mac OS X Lion

Exclusive: AT&T’s Ralph De La Vega on Which Smartphones Are Winning

The iPhone and Android are doing great, while the BlackBerry and Windows Phone have some work to do, the AT&T executive tells AllThingsD’s Ina Fried.
De la vega on stage at D

AT&T’s Ralph De La Vega on the T-Mobile Deal, Service Issues, Spectrum Shortage

The key wireless executive is the final speaker of the star-studded D9 lineup and there should be plenty to talk about, what with that little merger that the company is trying to pull off.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 Demo From D9 (Video)

You’ve heard about it and now you can see the video. Here’s the full Windows 8 demo from Microsoft Windows Unit President Steven Sinofsky and VP Julie Larson-Green.