Tinypass, Andrew Sullivan’s Favorite Paywall Operator, Gets a CEO and Some Cash

Fresh from ad giant WPP, Trevor Kaufman says he can help publishers free themselves of ads (if they want to).


Newsweek to End Print Edition

Newsweek, the struggling newsweekly that was sold for $1 two years ago, will drop its print edition after an eight-decade run to become digital-only by the end of the year, the company said Thursday.

Video: BoomTown Talks AOL-HuffPo as Web's Condé Nast on CNN

Here is a video of a segment I did on CNN’s “Reliable Sources” yesterday morning–in the wee hours in San Francisco, hence the bags under my eyes–about last week’s $315 million acquisition of the Huffington Post by AOL. “Someone has to be the Condé Nast of the Internet,” I noted in answer to a question from host Howard Kurtz, since it has not been that famous magazine company which has become the big publishing dog online.

Facebook to Big Media: We Like You. We Really, Really Like You.

Facebook has 550 million friends, but it’s working extra hard to woo a very specific group: Heavyweight media companies. It might be working! See: A proposed linkup between the social network, Time Warner’s cable channels and Verizon’s FiOS TV.

QOTD: The Old Media – New Media – Old Media Round Trip

Well, I managed to leave print journalism for all of four weeks.

Daily Beast media columnist Howard Kurtz, whose work used to appear in the Washington Post, and will now appear in Newsweek, now that the magazine is merging with his new employer.


Newsweek, Daily Beast to Merge

Newsweek magazine and news website The Daily Beast have agreed to a deal that will make Daily Beast co-founder Tina Brown the editor-in-chief of the combined operation, according to people familiar with the situation, three weeks after they abandoned talks of a merger over a disagreement about control.


Strong Personalities Color Talks Between Newsweek, Daily Beast

Newsweek magazine and the Daily Beast news website are deep in talks over a possible combination and the likelihood of a deal is increasing, though some hurdles remain. The key question hanging over talks is whether a merged operation would be big enough for the three outsize personalities that such a deal would bring together, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Sumner Redstone's Many Gigs: Viacom Chairman, Girl-Band Promoter, Leak Plugger!

The Viacom chairman doesn’t like a story the Daily Beast ran about his infatuation with a “scantily clad girl group,” and he wants to know who leaked it. “You will be well-rewarded and well-protected,” he promises reporter Peter Lauria. Hear the voicemail for yourself.

President Clinton Talks About His Internet Legacy (BTW, He's an iPhone Dude, While the GOP's #41 Is a BlackBerry Teen)

Here is a video I did of former President Bill Clinton talking at an event related to the 25th anniversary of the first .com registration. Clinton gave a speech first–which was, inexplicably, about health-care legislation and global warming. But after Clintion was done, he sat down with VeriSign CEO Mark McLaughlin to talk about a range of Web-related topics, in a very amusing exchange.


Meghan McCain Twitter Photo Sparks Controversy

Meghan McCain, a Daily Beast columnist and daughter of Sen. John McCain, apologized late Wednesday after posting a photo of herself on Twitter that stirred up some criticism and plenty of retweets. The photo shows Ms. McCain in a tanktop, holding a copy of Andy Warhol’s biography, and her accompanying tweet referred to her “’spontaneous’ night in.”