The “B” Word

Pundits and others are using the B word — bubble — more than ever. Is it time to stop, or will this gain even more traction in 2012?

Why Robert Scoble Is Wronger About "2010 Web": A BoomTown Translation!

Oh, Scooby-Don’t… You could not be more wrong in your post last week–titled, “Why Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg are wrong about naming Web 3.0 ‘Web 3.0′”–about Walt and I being wrong about naming Web 3.0 “Web 3.0” in an essay we posted at the start of our D: All Things Digital conference, which took place last week. I know writing “Kara Swisher,” “Walt Mossberg” and “Wrong” is well-nigh irresistible, but your solution of calling the digital era we are in the “2010 Web” is equally confusing and incorrect.


Kindle Hikes Book Prices and Adds to My Ambivalence

Just when I was coming to terms with my ambivalence toward my Kindle e-book reader, Amazon and the publishers have gotten greedy. I’ve had a love-hate relationship with the device since I bought my first one about 9 months ago. As a frequent traveler and voracious reader, I’ve found the Kindle to be nearly ideal. I never have fewer than a dozen books in its memory, and they’re always things I want to read.

A Techtastically Busy Week: A Grab Bag of Digital Stuff to Consider

It’s another packed week for tech, especially in Silicon Valley, where the kibitzing never ends and the econalypse is almost completely ignored. As if you did not have enough to do, what with all that pointless tweeting, here are some choices for those who want a little analog action, including watching me annoy Facebook’s chief privacy officer, Chris Kelly, who is also trying to become California’s next Attorney General.


Apple NewtBook

Now that Steve Jobs has bowed out of the annual (and possibly the last) Macworld Conference & Expo this week in San Francisco, there’s considerably less likelihood of any interesting, much less compelling, announcements from Apple at the event. Too bad in a way, because lots of folks were hoping that Apple might announce its arrival, albeit late, to the netbook party.

A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words–So What Does a Big Smile in a Layoff Story Mean?

Happy days aren’t here again, it seems. Still, I am not quite sure what to make of his big, happy smile on Seesmic founder Loïc Le Meur’s face, which went with a story in the New York Times about start-ups cutting costs. In fact, the whole Seesmic crew is grinning awfully hard, putting a very game face on recent layoffs that cut the staff at the video blog service by more than a third.

WWDC: What Will Di Capi (di Tutti Apple) Do?

Hey, BoomTown just heard that Apple’s having some kind of conference for its developers today and there will be–what is the name they are calling it?–a “keynote” by some guy named Steve. Blah, blah, blah on some new iPhone with three Gs. With GPS, video recording, more space, a better camera and an ability to beam you up to the Starship Enterprise.


iPhone 2.0–Good, Fast, Cheap: Pick Two.

Choosing a smartphone reminds me of the old adage from product-design people: “Good, fast, cheap: Pick two.” Much more so than a personal computer, a smartphone is an exercise in compromise. This will continue to be obvious even after Apple announces “iPhone 2.0” at this week’s conference for Macintosh and iPhone software developers.

Kara Visits the VentureBeat Party!

Last night, dressed in my kindergarten soccer-coach best (sneaks, sweats and athletic socks–glam!), I ventured over to the Tenderloin district of San Francisco to attend VentureBeat‘s party in honor of the launch of its new digital media blog. Held at the Ambassador club on Geary Street, it was as if 1999 had never ended, and […]

What? No 'Anonymous Cowards’?

Publications that have taken issue with Google for excerpting their articles have another reason to be peeved at the company today. This morning, Google added a new feature to Google News that allows newsmakers to comment on the stories in which they’re featured (here’s an example). “We’ll be trying out a mechanism for publishing comments […]