Power Listicle: Disruptive Bezos Displaces Apple Execs as No. 1 on VF Annual Ranking

Who’s the bomb? (For this year, at least.)

Marissa Mayer! Dan Loeb! ResumeGate! High Jinks! Here Comes the Inevitable Yahoo Book.

No, not me! Nicholas Carlson of Business Insider, natch!
Nicholas Carlson of Business Insider


Sony’s Kazuo Hirai Says Third Point Campaign Was “A Good Thing”

Hedge-fund investor Dan Loeb’s campaign to persuade Sony to spin off part of its entertainment business was beneficial for the company, Chief Executive Kazuo Hirai said, making one of his first public comments since rejecting the proposal.


Why Sony Won’t Become the Next Yahoo

When U.S. hedge-fund investor Daniel Loeb said he had become Sony’s biggest shareholder in May, the media, investors and more than a few Sony employees braced for a knock-down, drag-out fight like the battle Mr. Loeb engaged in at Yahoo Inc.

Dan Loeb Made His Money and Has Cashed Out a Huge Block of Yahoo’s Stock — As Director, Too

The hedge fund guy got richer and quits. I know — a big shock.


Sony’s New Board Considers Dan Loeb’s IPO Proposal

Sony Corp. said its newly appointed board of directors will take its time to “appropriately” consider the proposal from U.S. hedge-fund investor Daniel Loeb to list part of its entertainment business as a way to lift the company’s stock price.


Loeb Raises His Sony Stake, Drive for Entertainment IPO

Hedge-fund investor Daniel Loeb’s firm has boosted its stake in Sony Corp., ratcheting up a campaign to persuade the Japanese electronics company to launch an initial public offering of its entertainment division.


Sony Board to Discuss Third Point Plan

Under pressure from an activist investor to take part of its entertainment business public, Sony said it plans to discuss the proposal with its board.

Third Point Is Latest Fund to Shed Its Apple Shares

Dan Loeb’s Third Point Capital joins the conga line of hedge funds that have recently dumped their Apple holdings. But the moves may have more to do with prudence than anything else.