Not because Bezos has copied anything Jobs did, but because he has not. What he’s done that is Jobs-like is doggedly pursue, year after year, iteration after iteration, a vision unlike that of any other company — all in the name of making customers happy.

John Gruber, in agreement with Om Malik that Jeff Bezos is the inheritor of Steve Jobs’s crown

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An ad tech linkup that makes sense.
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Android Isn’t Slowing iPad’s Rocket Ride

Apple’s dominance of the tablet market is clear. And a quarter-by-quarter look shows its sales continuing to accelerate, even as new competitors arrive in bunches.
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Amazon Opens Up on Kindle Sales, Says "Millions" Sold This Holiday Season has sold “millions” of its new Kindle models in the first 73 days of the holiday quarter, according to a post by the Kindle team in an online forum.

A Modest Proposal: Please Leave the Lost iPhone Dude Alone

Last night, I tweeted: “Good god, pls stop egregiously using this poor lost iphone dude for cheap traffic…sadly, I have to link to explain:” The link led to yet another post on the Web site Gizmodo, owned by Gawker Media, which bought a stolen prototype iPhone 4G from a still unnamed man who filched it after an Apple engineer left it in a Silicon Valley bar by accident. I’m not holding my breath for the Web site to do the right thing.

Did Apple Just Kick Adobe (And Wired Magazine) in the Teeth?

It looks like Apple just stepped up its attacks against Adobe and its Flash standard–used throughout the Web and apparently hated with much passion by Steve Jobs. Caught in the crossfire once again: Condé Nast and Wired Magazine.

AT&T Does Not Manage or Approve Apps for the App Store (Though We May Bitch About the Ones We Dislike)

AT&T has replied to a Federal Communications Commission letter of inquiry into the role it played in the rejection of a number of third-party Google Voice apps and Google’s official GV client from Apple’s iTunes App Store. The gist of the reply: Don’t look at us.

TwitterGate: Out Damned Spot!

For all the noisy hubbub over should-we-or-shouldn’t-we-publish confidential documents hacked from password-protected accounts of Twitter employees, as well as a Twitter spouse, it is actually pretty simple. Stolen equals stolen. But, because this is a “hot” issue and it concerns an even hotter Web 2.0 company–Holy traffic-gooser, Batman!–the debate will surely go on and on, even as the stolen information inevitably leaks its way out. Still, let’s not pretend what it is and is not.

Want to Turn Your New iPhone 3G S Into a Modem? Be Ready to Pay Up.

Did you wait in line this morning to buy a new iPhone 3G S? If you want to take advantage of its “tethering” feature and use it as a modem, you’re going to have to wait a while longer. And you’ll have to pay–though it’s unclear how much that’s going to cost.

And by “Bug Fix,” We Mean the Palm Pre’s iTunes Integration…

Apple rolled out updates to QuickTime and iTunes on Monday, presumably as preface to iPhone 3.0. Included in iTunes 8.2 are “many accessibility improvements and bug fixes.” Just what Apple means by that is unclear, although one wonders if it might be a clever euphemism for the Palm Pre’s recently disclosed Media Sync feature, which allows the device to synchronize seamlessly with iTunes, essentially by masquerading as an iPod.